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Friday, April 5, 2013

We'll always have Twitter

As we depart from the blogosphere for a long-ish spell, we're anticipating some serious withdrawal symptoms. In our moments of weakness, we may turn to Twitter for the occasional outburst. We're hoping to keep that to a minimum, but that's our safety valve. If you want to follow what little we've got to say, head over there. Also, Stenchy has his own Twitter page, and apparently he's going to keep going over there from time to time as well.

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Oh God! I'll have to sign up!
I have so far resisted social media...

Does it come with an instruction book? I'm too old for this!

I knew you couldn't go cold turkey. :-)

Every once in a while I wonder how someone as clearsighted as you can be so wrongheaded on a particular issue. Mostly, I’m grateful to you. Muckraking is an honorable and necessary public tonic. Your departure from the local scene will leave Portland poorer.

My initial reaction when I heard you were leaving was that you love doing what you do in the blog so much that you would surely come back. But then I read your statement that the blog, at first a joy, had become a chore and a responsibility. I understand that completely, and began to entertain the possibility that perhaps you might actually not go back to blogging, or even leave Portland completely. This made me sad.

How will I keep track of the backroom sharks in city politics are without you? How will I keep track of what is happening at Fukushima or Hanford? Where will I find someone who shares so many of my indignations and loathings: pork barrel politics, bad building projects, misuse of public money, political cronyism, fluoridation, vote by mail, city planning that kills or radically alters neighborhoods and displaces populations, top-down decisions making in general.

I was reassured when you wrote that you will archive past material and add a list of sources that you use, as well as bloggers names who may pick up on some of the topics of our mutual interest. I was further reassured with the message that you may experience withdrawal symptoms & resort to the occasional twitter. Great! Only, please don’t confine yourself to Twitter! Do you really need the 140 character restraint to keep you from reverting back into blogger overdrive? I urge you give yourself permission for a blog posting on bojack whenever the spirit moves you, when you feel like a rant or want to share a vital news story – yes??? I will certainly come back to bojack with some regularity to check on all-- the archives, blogs/bloggers & hopefully your latest. You might even compile a list of people who’d like to be notified when you’ve posted something new.

The above is selfish of me, since I don’t do Twitter.

If my hunch is right and you are a born blogger, an inveterate muckraker, a 21st century Tom Paine, a pain to afflict the comfortable, then you’ll be back to blogging. And, disgusting as so many things are about the New Portland, I think you’ll likely find corrupt politicians and idiots with masters in planning everywhere. I hope you’ll stick with the familiar muck of Portland, the city where you know all the ossuaries.

And in the event fame and fortune bring you down a completely different path: good luck, Jack. It’s been great to know you.

No blog-methadone clinics in Portland yet?

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