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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Vibrant" alert in Eugene

The apartment bunker boys are moving into Oregon's main college town. It will be interesting to see how badly they can fleece the taxpayers down there. And it's for sure that some nice places and neighborhoods are about to be wrecked. But it's going toward stopping global warming, so that part's good.

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And why shouldn't they? I mean, aside from the fact that they'll be long gone by the time Eugene's residents realize that there's no way these bunkers will ever see full occupancy. After all, when you have people who expect their victims to squeal like a pig, it's no fun to stay in a city where the people in charge shriek with joy and yell "Come and get it like a big funky sex machine!"

Building 274 housing units and commercial/retail on Goodpasture Island north of Eugene in the middle of the Willamette doesn't make sense. It's in a major flood plain near the confluence of the Willamette with the Mckenzie river. In the winter flood of 1964/65 it was mostly under water. Parents lost some equipment on the island. Again in the l996 flood it was under water.

Where are all the Eugene environmentalist of this issue? And it certainly isn't creating density where our state land use goals require. Again, just pointing out the hypocrisy. It just depends on who is greasing the wheels. Everything is up for sale in Oregon.

The Delta Tau's showed more respect.

. . .Everything is up for sale in Oregon.

. . . or in my opinion, not only for sale, but for the take, however it can be achieved. Buzzwords are a big part of it. Watch out for the word Regional!
Does it sound good or what? Then take matters a big step further away from our having any say about our area, especially regarding resources such as our water. That would be the West coast Exchange. I shudder when I hear about it and wonder what is being planned.

I didn't see that there was any public money involved, so if the developer miscalculates, then Wells Fargo shareholders are screwed. The site seems rather a long way from the downtown area, so comparing it to the Pearl is a stretch.

I have written about this before.
In my opinion, some of the groups one would think of as being active have become part of what is termed as being in the "Veal Pen." Google the term. Others are dependent upon grants, etc. Groups one would think of as stepping out for a cause, may not be politically allowed, or may have been infiltrated with certain ones to rule the outcome on situations. Whatever the case may be, there seems to be too much silence and/or "not taking a position" on critical matters.

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