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Monday, April 1, 2013

They don't need sick leave

Here's an interesting story from France, where home delivery of newspapers is being done by drone. Of course, we in Portland are way ahead of them, as our daily newspaper has been employing drones in the newsroom for many years.

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The next thing you'll know, they'll need a 'eye in the sky' to monitor and manage all the drones. They'll call it "SkyNet".

So far as I know, they've never used drones at the "Oregonian". Trolls, trogs, and Cat Piss Men, for sure, but drones?

Read any local breaking news crime story and compare it to PPB flash news release.

Most often, they are EXACT cut and paste copies with racial descriptions deleted.

That's pretty close (and much cheaper) than doing the old fashioned interviewing of witnesses and explaining the who, what, where, when, how and why.

But just think of the news coverage if one of the drones crashes. There will be 15 cub reporters standing by, getting interviews, and picking up pieces off the ground to show the TV viewers just how bad it is.

Happy April Fool's Day one and all who are taken in by this.

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