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Monday, April 1, 2013

Shoni Schimmel

That's all -- just Shoni Schimmel. Check her out yesterday, at 00:48:

(Proud to say we saw her when.)

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Interesting that what you saw in 2010 was just about what happened to Lousiville yesterday. Three starters fouled out but the freshman who had been a starter early in the year and the girl who missed a prior free throw pulled them through, but it took a 20 point lead frittered away. The two technicals, one for Shoni and one for the coach were almost fatal. Griner seems like a nice girl, but Louisville was not competing in a nice contest yesterday. It was an extremely exciting thing to watch. I can't wait to see the Schimmel sisters and their team do it again, maybe twice. I wish I had the movie rights to their story.

The refs let the Schimmels and their pals beat up Griner with impunity. A colleague notes that it was reminiscent of what people used to get away with doing to Lew Alcindor and Wilt. But Shoni and crew were pretty awesome nonetheless. They needed to really take it to them, and they did.

I got to ref a few games when Shoni played at Franklin. Her shooting then could be inconsistent, but her passing - wow, just wow, even in high school. Jude, her sister, seemed to be the more consistent shooter. Mom was something else to deal with as the Franklin coach, and of course, Franklin never committed fouls, so I cannot believe Louisville committed any fouls at all. Actually, the women's college game is similar to the men's game anymore, in that there's a lot of contact, and not near the fouls one would expect.

It should be noted that what the Schimmels have given to the Native American community - hope and aspirations - is priceless.

The louisville win was a triumph of mediocrity.

My daughter and many of her friends played with Shoni in AAU ball. She had the same range (about 6 feet outside the 3 point line) when she was a freshman in high school. We knew she was special. It is her little sister who has surprised me. Jude has really improved since going to Louisville.

The louisville win was a triumph of mediocrity.

Yes, tonight's win was, too, wasn't it? Mediocrity all the way to the national semi-finals. Nothing like the excellence of being an internet troll.

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