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Friday, April 5, 2013

Pay a compliment, then apologize

This country is cutting out its own soul in the name of correctness.

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Funny, since it was perfectly alright for Entertainment Tonight to call President Obama "sexy" earlier this week. Maybe he's the only person allowed to be hot anymore. Cue the requisite photo ...

DD: For those that get their news from Entertainment Tonight, it probably is OK.

America has gotten soft in the head. Comics are gonna have a field day with that.

Flip Wilson's first appearance on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson": http://youtu.be/O_6vhgSAhuI

Thanks Mojo, I was watching that night, and for some reason it's even funnier tonight. Maybe it's the Portland Nice thing.

I'm presuming that the people who are complaining about President Obama's remark can identify a better-looking attorney general.

Janet Reno was a babe!

So true Jack. Sadder yet is the hypocrisy of the media covering it and falling all over themselves to pre-apologize for him. Had GW Bushhead made the same comment it would have been a media grilling 4X over.

The same hypocrisy goes for 'Mayor Creepy' Sam Adams. It was just fine for him to molest a 17yr old boy and still get elected as mayor. Had another middle aged male candidate been found to be victimizing a 17yr old girl, he'd have been run out of Portland on a rail by the 'progressives' in this town.

Progressive = Hypocrisy...knee deep

It seems that we in the US have been directed to "go screw ourselves" and we have obliged accordingly and in grand fashion.

It was kind of a dumb thing to say and he shouldn't get a pass because he is a D.

Oh and because I am not the President of the United States or an elected official, I can say this as The Mighty Thor" - the California Attorney General isn't the most attractive Attorney General. Take a look at Florida or Pennsylvania.


A woman can be commanding and effective but also be hot as the surface of the sun. And you can comment on either without me raising an eyebrow.

If you elevate her looks over her ability, that might be an issue, but since that's not even close to what happened there's nothing to see here.

There is an issue of accuracy though, there are clearly some better looking ladies, though perhaps they aren't Obama's type? ;-)

As for Bush Junior making a similar remark who cares? You really think this is a hypocritical partisan issue? Why so quick to scream no fair? Both these yahoos are so similar anyway it's hard for me to distinguish their policies.

It's more a matter of their being nothing to talk about, and the news runs 24/7. So they have to sensationalize things, make stuff up.

"Janet Reno was a babe!"

Shades of Jimmy Carter:

"I've looked on many women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times. God knows I will do this and forgives me."
Interview in Playboy magazine (1976), while a candidate for President.

Thanks Jack, never could figure out your politics so I could label you. Read you daily and was never disapointed.

Political Correctness generally has gotten to the point where one finds it difficult to bring up certain subjects, taboo even to do so, that leaves us in a bind not being able to discuss matters that need discussing. Handy for some then to have some of these matters corralled, similar to that concept I have written about recently, about certain people and/or groups in the "veal pen."
I write about it because this may be the last time as blog closes Tuesday and I consider it important as it in my opinion brings clarity to the goings on politically. Google veal pen for more and here is another interesting viewpoint on the subject:

Yes, the soul of this country is dependent upon men commenting on the appearance of women along with the skills that are actually bring to the job. I mean, truly, isn't that part of their job? It makes them better at it?

I'm sure you've been complimented many times on not just been a fine lawyer, but also being a ruggedly handsome dude as well.

I will miss you Jack, who will step up and be the next Babbitt on the Willamette?

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