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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It will never happen in Portlandia, cont'd

In New York City, mayoral candidates are allegedly bribing party leaders to be able to run for office as Republicans.

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Are there any Republicans left in Portland? Wow!

I didn't think there were any Republicans left in New York City.

I don't know, but I suspect there are plenty of D's left behind biting the dust that are not in agreement with the lock step D's we have here.
Question then is are there any elected officials R and/or D that we can depend on to adhere to the oath that they took when taking office. Are there any that are in the category of being a true Statesman/Stateswomen, hardly ever hear that word or see any results pertaining to that concept.

I will add, I think carrying on about D's and R's is not where we need to be looking, has worked for years to keep people divided in a neat and tidy perpetuated system.
Isn't it really about class. . .
hasn't it throughout the ages been about class. . .
seems more evident these past few years that it is about class as we see the effort/attempt to eliminate the middle class.

There are some left but none willing to run for city positions.
Why subject yourself or your family to the goons at BlueOregon..

This is why I mentioned lock step.
In my opinion BlueOregon is an example of the D's accepting most of whatever the D's do. On the national level there are same ones who will not want to criticize the D's.
Look to this national blog to find progressives who will do so.

Happened to notice a good thread today:


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