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Friday, April 5, 2013

Have a great weekend

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If that's all there is, Jack, it was enough -- even though we crave more.
Thank you, Sir.

.... ;-)
See ya 'round...

Au Revoir, Jack. Don't be a stranger. Portland needs you. Your fans will miss you. Give my best to that rat.

Answer: Yes. I wish you good health, and great success in your project.

A tribute to "The Man"


I couldn't find the complete Xavier Cugat version.

Good luck. It was and will continue to be, interesting.

Best wishes, and thank you for your service to our community! You will be greatly missed.

I feel like a ton of bricks has fallen on me.

Jack, thank you for your hard work here and good luck in your new endevor.

Thank you Jack and Good Luck in your adventure ahead!

You've proven yourself a genuine hero, Jack. Who'd a thunk? Be well, and never cease givin' em hell.

Though I've escaped to Bellingham, your blog has remained a fixture in my life. Mornings won't be the same without your lucid prose, scathing wit, and much-needed skewering of the city's insufferable public officials. Mornings won't be the same, and neither will Portland.

(Did I hear a sigh of relief from City Hall?)

Thank you for all you've done.

Best of luck, cheers, here's how.

Jack -- Hope you'll be back here before long. What a great blog.


You Just slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan
You don't need to be coy, Roy
Just listen to me
Hop on the bus, Gus
You don't need to discuss much
Just drop off the key, Lee
And get yourself free

Regards, gibby

The candle's in the window. Ciao.

I can't think of anything clever...

Thank you.

The moment I have been dreading all week has arrived. Vaya con Dios.

Looking forward to you emerging like a butterfly from your cocoon next year as a full fledged conservative. Metamorphosis takes time and no disturbances.

Thank You! Best of luck in your new gig!

We miss you already.

Drat! I've avoided Facebook so far, but now I may have to join the Twitter generation just to keep up with Stenchy. And you. But that rat... Is worth the sacrifice. ;-) Stay well, be happy.

Jack, Thank you so much for all your years of providing this blog and "real news" for the community. Perhaps this is a well needed time for you to focus on positive and get away for awhile from the negative direction of our city. Have a great year ahead, Best Wishes!

I have been as I mentioned before grateful to know so many care and that I was not at all alone in thoughts about the loss of our livability and other matters here and that we could communicate about it with each other.
There are many that I resonated with here. The list is long, maybe later.

Meanwhile a toast to Jack, a toast to the evening, we can celebrate that we were able to participate in a dynamite blog.
I may be back after dinner.

No final photo of Stenchy?!?! All the best to you Jack.

Great choice.

As I was pulling this post up, my sound was on mute, and I thought this song would be the choice. And I was right!

Thanks for enlightening us for all these years, and good luck on that book project.

I hope to 'see" many of you again on other sites.
I will miss this community very much.
Best to everyone out there.

Selfishly I have been dreading this day since you first made the announcement of your new project. You have brought us everything from valuable information to raucous entertainment (nothing I like better than a pompous politician getting a public spanking). I sincerely wish you the up most success and satisfaction in your new endeavor and anxiously await your anticipated return to blogging.

Good luck Jack! We'll still be here next year if the spirit moves you.

Thanks for your hard work here. I will miss reading your blog, typically several times a day. Best of luck with the book. I look forward to your return ASAP.

Not a post was there this evening,
That's a pretty certain sign,

Those blogging blues are breaking up that old gang of mine.

All the comments sound like love songs,
They forgot Sweet Adeline,

Those blogging blues are breaking up that old gang of mine.

There goes Jack, to write a book,
How fun that's going to be.
But I bet he's going to miss the laughs,
He had with you and me.

Gee, I get a lonesome feeling,
When I hear my Apple chime,

Those blogging blues are breaking up that old gang of mine.

I feel worse right now than when Sam Adams got elected. Empty inside, too.
Best wishes, Jack.

Good night Jack and thanks for all the hard work.

It's been a great run, Jack, and I'll look forward to you resuming this blog. Thanks for everything.

Let's keep dancing and break out the booze my friends. Cheers to Jack and Auld Lang Syne.
God Bless, Jack.

I've been reading this blog so long I remember when you quit for real. I think that was six years ago.

You'll be back.

Thanks, Jack! See everyone at the blog reunion later this month, aka the Joan Osborne concert!

To paraphrase the old Bob and Ray Sign-off...
"This is Jack Bog reminding you to write if you get work"...
"And this is Stenchy reminding you to hang by your thumbs"
Godspeed my friend, hope to see you soon.


Salud Maestro !

Great choice on the music too!

Oh Shit I double spaced , sorry Jack.

Thank you Jack for giving a place for people to see what is really going on. It has been fun to learn about what is going on behind the scenes and for things that I was more familiar or involved with it was good to see how it was perceived by others. You have served a greater good than you may ever know. I look forward to your return. Hopefully with a vengeance.

Jack, best wishes on your tax project. May the project go swiftly and your time away be short.

Jack, thanks for telling it straight—when I needed the real story on those tin cans floating over my neighborhood [rim shot], I could count on you and so many of those who commented.

Best of luck with your project and sure hope to see you back online when it's published.


I hope the book turns out even better than expected. We'll try to pick up some of the slack while you're gone.

Just want to say thanks for providing this blog over the last decade plus. It has been an amazing journey and you have shared so much useful information and insight into such a wide variety of subjects. Always enjoyed reading it daily, and I will miss it! Best of luck on your writing project and I hope to find you blogging again in a year or two...maybe in time for another underdog poll for the 2014-2015 NFL season? :)

Thank you for this blog!

We will miss you Jack. I will miss Stenchy also.....take good care of the lad for us will you.

I was hoping you would get one last shot in at the "Condo Bunker" mob. Rex Burkholder had an editorial in the Tribune today where he claimed that parking spots in new apartments and condos created a "equity" problem because they add to the cost of developments. Apparently now parking spaces are a luxury item that only the 1% can afford.

I am sure everyone on the blog will go through withdrawals starting tomorrow. Your's is the first page I look at after checking the email and the national news. Get a good rest and come back swinging my man!

Jack for mayor.

I went back to the archives.
Saturday July 6, 2002

First Post
In the beginning was the blog, and the blog was with Bog, and the blog was Bog. So many opinions, so little basis. So many ideas, so few of them good. So much information, so little of it useful. From my size 7½ head to cyberspace. Get ready, world, for the meanderings of my mind.

Same day:
Rosemary Clooney and Ted Williams, both gone in the same week. Here were two of the very best at what they did. As a kid in the late '50s and early '60s, I caught them as they were just past their primes, but they were formidable figures that we knew and appreciated, along with Sinatra, Garland, Mays, and Mantle.

More recently, I admired their toughness as age took its toll. Williams, the old coot, still had that winning smile that masked his stubbornness. Clooney made records right up to the end, with a voice gone husky in a lovable grandma kind of way. With Ted passes so much knowledge about the art of baseball, particularly how to hit one coming at you at 90 miles an hour; with Rosemary, so much knowledge about the history of popular music, and a wealth of experience in making the song do what its writer intended it to do -- sometimes more.

I can hear them now coming over a staticky radio in a '59 Oldsmobile cruising down the Garden State Parkway headed for Seaside Heights. We kids are jumping around in the back seat, the big folks up front, windows rolled down, maybe a cigar going.

So long, friends. We will miss you.

Some good reading.
I may begin some days with coffee looking over archives
might help fill the void.
I didn't know about this blog then, am sure there is some very good material
in those archives.

Rosemary Clooney is a favorite. "Goodnight (Wherever You Are)"

Thank You for:

Teaching all of us that both the Red team and the Blue team are equally corrupt, and owned by the MONEY team. City/County/State/Federal: most are corrupted by the monied interests. Few represent the people.

TAX money funds it all. OUR tax money. Wages/property/fees to exist.

I hope your new book has a chapter on what happens when the private sector is taxed out of their jobs and homes to support the mathematical doom that is the public sector machine.

I cried and cried, I had to shut it off. Peggy Lee and her song. I hope I'm around next year when you return(70 and counting)
Thank you very much for your wit and wisdom, it's been joyful. Much love my friend.

Thank you Molly! Now I really know I can read the archives and have Jack's humor for the next year. Your link is great.
Will miss you Jack! Hope you had a celebration tonite! It was a momentous day.

The contribution's you have made for the citizens of Portland over the years are vast, and being a "Kid" from Jersey that lived in Portland off and on for over 20 years, I've enjoyed your informative and professional journalism skills that you a true "Gate Keeper" looking out for The People!.
May you prosper as you face a new era for the "Bogdanski Clan"!...If you happen to be in New Jersey this summer,please drop me a e-mail and we can do lunch. Once again many thanks for year's of non-paid public service.
We will all miss you.

(Man crush alert) Jack, you have been a serious bad ass with this blog and a true inspiration to us average Joes out here trying to hold their heads high in the face of evil, arrogance and idiocy. You have "carried the fire" in your Pit Bull like pursuit of common sense and decency. You are a scholar and a gentleman. You are a total crack up...especially with that f-ing rat. You have mad photoshop skills. ( I'm sure that the North Koreans will have a very high level position for you if the tax thing doesn't pan out.) You are a "Boss" in your own right and a credit to Jersey. It is obvious that your parents did a good job raising you because you are often the smartest guy in the room without being an asshole about it. I won't know what to do with myself next Fall without the Under Dog pool to obcess about. Thank you for everything, and I hope to see you back here poking them in the eye again because we need people like you.

Thank you Jack. You will be missed.

That huge roar we hear is the members of the Goldschmidt team exhausting a giant sigh of relief.

Pity is, I don't believe we will ever see a replacement.

Thanks for all Jack and please know that what good you have done for us is unmeasurable.

You're a great pubic servant. Thank you for all of your work over the years.

Thank you Jack - good luck with the book and I hope you come back to this blog. Your contribution was great.

Thanks for the civics lessons and your sense of humor. The example you've set is inspiring to say the least.

My best to you, Stenchy and Reeko

Are Stanky and Stenchy friends? It looks like Dilbert knows all about your upcoming hiatus:

As Peggy sings away in the background, thank you! You are going to be missed...

Thanks for all the hard, necessary work. Goodbye and good luck.

"Light itself is a great corrective. A thousand wrongs and abuses that are grown in darkness disappear like owls and bats before the light of day." - James A. Garfield

Wisdom is knowing what to do next... Skill is knowing how to do it... and sucess is DOING IT ! DO THE BEST IN THE TEST...let ur path smooth & easy Examination may be more & more easy.. let ur sucess come to true, that my best wishes to you!

Best of luck with your project, Jack. Here's hoping you return afterward. Meanwhile, you'll be greatly missed.


Thanks so much for being a part of my day for these last 8 months or so. I've learned a lot from you, and am proud to say that the word "crapartment" is now part of my vernacular.

Hope that your book project is a hit, and you do resume the blog.

Cheers, It's Mike

Oh what a pity bojack is not here any more to shred this.

TriMet used Clackamas County's borrowed millions to usher manufacturing company out of their county.

Clackamas County commissioners borrowed and paid TriMet $23 million 4 days before the September rail vote.

Recently many of those millions have been used by TriMet to buy the Beaver Heat Treating company to help clear the path for Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail.

Beaver Heat Treating has been a Clackamas County manufacturing company for 60 years.

Now they have relocated to Washington County.

They're in Tualatin with a new name and plans on hiring more as they expand in the much larger building.

No doubt Washington County thanks Clackamas County commissioners for sending them an established manufacturing company, all of the jobs and the boat load of taxes that the company had been paying them.

Clackamas News,
Well I guess it just goes to show there is more than one way to get what they want.
Hopefully all this maneuvering will become more difficult as the "elected betrayers" are replaced either by recall or the next election. Looks like Clackamas has done the hard work in that regard. Portland needs to do the same.

Clackamas News, I hope you can start or connect up with a good blog to report all these factual tidbits on what is really happening. I know you have connections to inside knowledge on some of the backroom deals. Keep reporting somehow.

Goodbye Jack. Thanks for years of information and entertainment. May the banister of life never give you splinters. See you in the Twitterverse.

Jack wrote about this in another thread
yesterday about a LO blog.

I hope to see a post once during your hiatus, the day the Coast Guard denies a Permit for the CRoCk.

I can't think of a good wise crack or smart remark.
I have enjoyed not only the blogger but the other bloggees as well. Warm wishes to all of you.

I hope to see any of you at the Portland Executive Club, First Wed of each month, Airport Shilo. Look for the Weird Isn't Working bumper strip.

Truman says it best for me.


Leigh Maynard


I've checked back several times hoping I would see a different headliner, I guess its true, he ain't coming back is he?

[sound of crickets]

Some people are trying to create
till bojack gets back.

Does Jack object?
How about using some of your sideline stuff like the Portland Debt clock?


Hasta la vista, bay-bee.

Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn
Goodnight, goodnight, until we meet again

Hope to see your smiling mug back here soon!

You da man.

I can't believe Jack is really breaking up with all of us at once.

He's even saying all the right things ("if you love something set it free").

He might have well have said "really, it's not you, it's me."


Not sure if its better to take a little time off or just rush headlong into a rebound blog....

Good luck on the book. Enjoy your time too. I've enjoyed my last 7 years not blogging too...

For he's the Jolly Good Fellow...and so say all of us!

This Portland creative is sad you wont have her to kick around any more. Came daily for it, but never commented until now, but had to thank you.

We share the same stylist, whom was surprised when I told her I read your blog. Of course I told her I appreciated your view and information, even if I didn't always agree. This blog had the most civilized discussions and it was nice to read the often thoughtful comments left by others.

All the best to you and your project! Thank you for your service to our city! Please come back soon.

Portland was a better place for having someone as intelligent and articulate as you are, not on the payroll of some group or another, expressing opinions and bringing information to light. I hope you come back to it after you're done with the book. Thanks Jack.


Thank you for the many wonderful years of posting. I do hope you will come back after the other project. There are just too many juicy targets out there. I was listening to OPB radio on Saturday when one of the interviewees said that the publicly financed campaigns in NYC had given rise to professional candidates, people who had no intention or desire of getting elected. They just wanted the money that went with a campaign. Maybe Emilie Boyles will move to the Big Apple next?

And on Friday, during the gun control hearings, Chief Reese pretty much said his officers will shoot first and figure out who they're shooting at afterwards. I'd add he let the cat out of the bag on that one but anyone who's come by here for any length of time wouldn't be surprised.

Thanks again for a wonderful time!

At least we now have verification that he is still ALIVE!

Goodnight, sweet prints.

Alive? Alive! IT'S ALIVE!!



I discovered your blog only 2 years ago, but thanks to you have learned so much about what is going on in this city. Best wishes on your writing project.

I like the ORIGINAL!

A big thanks for everything you have done over the years. You will be missed by many....

Uggggh, what is there to replace this newly formed void of local intrigue? I'm sure all the charities involved with the annual fundraiser will also be a little less happy

Posted by Tenskwatawa | April 8, 2013 9:30 AM

Wow, now this is really weird.

A one word post by Tensky and it isn't Lars?

Clackamas News - you are the perfect person to start a blog. I hope you consider it - Clack Co, WA Co, Mult Co, PDX and Metro (even the state) need a peering eye to take a look at their funny business. I'm sure people will feed you information if you let them know you are interested. Yours would be a formidable voice in the wilderness!

I was hoping to get in the last word.

I think there may be more before the day is over.
In case some readers do not know, check on Friday afternoon to find out what will be going on at Portland city council the following Wednesday.
Remember that an * means emergency ordinance.
on left column click on View Council agenda.

Saw this today, and bit my lip every time i read the word "need", as in "this is inevitable, a force of nature, don't think, you just HAVE to give us all the money now":


Hey, maybe you "need" to spend less, just spend less. As in, too much spending. What ever did happen to Measures 66 and 67? That was supposed to milk the "rich".

As with every other naked money grab, the mobility of wealth seeks (and easily finds) a relatively safer place. The estimates are always, always laughably optimistic. Just look at monetary flight from Maryland, New York, and elsewhere. Happens EVERY time.

More on the proposed "revenue increase", and the PERS implications:



Times are tight, people can't get jobs... and legislative leader are Hell-bent on driving away the business owners -- and job creators -- who are hanging in there, against all reason. Thank Goodness they don't have the necessary supermajority.

What Bob W said.

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