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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Muddy Waters Day

The stone started rollin' 98 years ago today.

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The Wikipedia page suggests that this may be Muddy Waters' 100th birthday.

Could be. Muddy's page says 98.

Jack......... one day before "J" day (the day BoJack feeds us to the cabalites) you honor Muddy? Bless you and your offspring for generations to come SIR!

Mud is truly an amazing talent much missed by his fans. Very much still underated. Thank God for youtube so you can watch him and his shows. Muddy and Bo Diddly and T-Bone,Howlin Wolf, Buddy Guy & BB who are still with us etc. really are in a world of their own.
I adore Pine Top Perkins ,Muddys piaana player for a bit as well. (what a character)

Thanks Jack

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