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Friday, April 5, 2013

Drive in from the Couv, *and* deal with MAX?

We're intrigued by the reference, in this article about the CRoCk, to "Portland’s whizzy light-rail system, which many Vancouverites drive across the river to use." How many do you think is "many"?

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So long as one feels like wasting time, one should also take the Streetcar to the Aerial Tram, then take a crowded 8 bus downtown, then rent a bike and then find your way to the Vista Bridge.

My guess is zero.

I do it a few times a year--less since there's no downtown baseball. But I can guarantee the number is above zero. The parking lots at the park-and-rides (Delta Park, Expo Center) have cars with Washington plates. I won't venture a number or a guess as to whether it's significant, but it isn't zero.

I have a couple of friends who drive in on 205, park at a MAX station, and take the MAX into downtown for work. I have a couple of others that drive all the way in, drop off one person downtown, then continue to the driver's Beaverton employer.

Time is money...yet money will take on a tectonic shift starting in Oct of 2015, and it will not be painfully apparent to the hungry masses until 2017. Guess what, the bridge won't be up and running any time soon. I'll gladly take the OVER on 2017. We're all flat effin' broke:

"Not every public-works project faces the CRC’s challenges, especially the choreographic difficulties involved in a two-state scheme. But it serves as a cautionary tale for those who think America’s infrastructure gap can simply be plugged by a wodge of cash from Washington, DC."

The CRC environmental impact statement says there are a total of 1650 people who commute daily (3300 “trips”). That is the upper limit of the number of Vancouverites that cross to ride LRT. Most of these people take express buses into downtown as they take 15 minutes compared to 30 min for the light rail from the Expo center. For details see http://www.nolightrail.com/

I presume the only reason to get off the bus to board the slow rail is if you have to pay a lot to park.


Well Jim I guess that's a non-zero number. How many qualifies as 'many'?

As to 'BB's statement about the bureaucratic hurdles to building things, I think it makes us look silly. I wonder if it's the same in other areas?

I took something like 10 years to break ground on the new world trade center, and every day past the first 1000 was a national disgrace. Without that pressure how long would that area have remained unbuilt?

I use it once a year to get to the Rose Parade!

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