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Monday, March 4, 2013

Your tax dollars at work, cont'd

If you don't think the state bureaucracies around here have too many people sitting around doing nothing worthwhile, here's food for further thought:

Government minions in two states hard at work this morning.

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Am I assuming that "them" is us?

In all fairness, the WSDOT tweeters are far more useful than the pathetic TriMet tweets. At least most of the time, WSDOT actually tweets about travel/traffic problems. I have no problem with them having a little sense of humor from time to time...but TriMet's tweets are so utterly worthless and useless, while bus riders are stuck thanks to "ghost bus" syndrome with Transit Tracker (where it says a bus is arriving when there is no actual bus) and TriMet's overall lack of communication to bus riders.

(But, if there's something wrong with MAX - oh boy!)

Tweeting and driving, huh? I thought that was frowned upon. Maybe only for us peasants.

If you're going to parody Dr. Seuss, at least do it well.

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