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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You can still do it, baby

Now that we've actually gotten to see all the teams in March Madness, it's a little easier to make educated guesses about who's going to make it to the championship game. If your bracket's busted and you'd like a second chance -- just for funsies, mind you -- we've cranked up a 16-team bracket pool on Yahoo, here. The group is Bojack's Last Gasp Pool, and the password is linchpin.

Alternatively, there's this other bracket...

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I still think Louisville has the best type of team to win it all - very experienced coaching, tough pressure defense, solid inside play.

But finding college ball really hard to watch because of the huge talent drain from the NBA, it is very difficult to predict anything anymore.

And with the 3-point line almost a free throw, any team can get hot for a game or two.

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