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Monday, March 25, 2013

Whoring for Blue Cross

How in heaven's name could supposedly Democratic legislators water down a bill that simply gives consumers advance notice of proposals to increase their health insurance premiums? It's amazing what our elected officials get away with. They're owned by the insurance companies, the utilities, the banksters -- from the sellout in the White House, through tools like Gatsby Wyden (R-N.Y.), and all the way down to somebody from Gresham named Laurie Monnes Anderson.

Want to have a good laugh? Go over to the Oregon secretary of state campaign finance website, and run "Regence" as a contributor. Government in our state is bought and paid for. Anderson gets a check from Regence for a grand or $2500 every year or so.

We're glad that we're not a high school civics teacher. We wouldn't be able to look the young people in the eye any more.

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I say your mistake was in your assumption precedent that Dem pols were somehow --magically-- on the side of the little guy. From what I've seen, the impetus for socialized medicine is little more than a raw grab for political power. With government taking it over and running it who would ever think a system would get any better or more efficient?

....who would ever think a system would get any better or more efficient?

Well, it's bound to be more efficient - Medicare, after all, has the lowest overhead of any insurer / payer. Size and scale of operation is what drives that, though - not motive.

I'd agree with you about not getting better. We're going to get some eye-opening experiences with this new system.

Thanks for the link, Jack. What I find interesting is how much BC/BS Regence is shovelling into the AOI coffers and how frequently they pay out to the Oregon Right To Life PAC.

Regence looks to be quite the troglodytic political supporter. BC/BS must stand for 'stoneage spin'.

Oh...I forgot to mention: I think what is really necessary in this day and age is a requirement that all political candidates wear their corporate sponsor logos, like race-car drivers, on their campaign outfits. The size of the logo should be commensurate with the size of the donation. They should have show these supporter logos at each and every public event, so that media, voters, and other potential donors can see who really owns the candidate.

The healthcare monopoly is quickly destroying the USA. The fact that they buy politicians is just another sign of a terminally sick nation.

In a few short years, Medicaid and Medicare will require 100% of the Federal tax base, just to keep at current levels. Surely this is not only unsustainable, but the death of an economy.

The number of people on SS Disability payments has gone up something like 5-6 times previous numbers. This pool of money will dry up in less than 10 years at that rate. Most of these folks are marginally "disabled", but since the Feds pay disability, the states have been pushing former welfare folks onto this pool of our money.

AND once that pool of money runs out, it will take money from retirement SS. So the burn down rate of SS retirement funds is going to end MUCH SOONER that anyone is currently willing to admit.

Jack... you have made my morning!

You are coming around to see through these schemers. BlueManure, Tool Gatsby (T-NY), Uuper Green Murky (S-Blue Or.), Goldy (The Rapist choice), Char Lie (felon-Ore. or Wa?), Tiger Wu, Bullets BurDick, Dennis Richardson etc. must I continue? No.
Look at the dough these clowns are raking in while the first thing out of thier mouths is millionaires, billionaires, big oil, corporate welfare, we got loopholes! Who wrote and passed these regulations and loopholes? Yep these very same clowns.

With pictures of trees from the Upper or little minority chilren from who knows where they can pass anything, especially here on The Island of The Misfit Toys.

I think what is really necessary in this day and age is a requirement that all political candidates wear their corporate sponsor logos, like race-car drivers, on their campaign outfits.

Good idea. A requirement to put on their campaign literature too.

ObamaCare is a mess; but judging from the financial mess in Europe and other socialist states, single payer isn't the answer either.

Need more supply side than demand side management of healthcare. Deregulate because when the government throws its treasury (and money printing presses) at the demand side; what happens is suppliers just escalate the price of the service (happens most often when a big, big buyer walks into the room). A safety net for Catastrophic health events for those without means, and let folks compete otherwise for health care services. The government is only going to force us to have to flee offshore to get the urgent/emergency healthcare service.

Very interesting how the government wants to "fix" healthcare, but little had been done in the past on including good dental coverage in health insurance plans. I asked my dentist about it and they indicated very little option in that regard.
Or will that "problem" be fixed under the new plan?

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