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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whole Foods, home of the $3.09 tangerine

These are pretty good, and so without thinking we threw six of them in our basket at Whole Foods the other day. It wasn't until we glanced at our receipt that we realized what they set us back: 4.64 pounds at $3.99 a pound = $18.51! That works out to $3.09 apiece, for tangerines! They don't call it Whole Paycheck for nothing.

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We always call it Whole Wallet...

But some times they have decent products at a decent price, but not usually.

Look on the bright side... you have the priveledge of not living in a "food desert".

Holy cow. I've been buying five-pound bags of grapefruit at Trader Joe's -- really tasty, if you go for grapefruit -- for $3.99 and that's for seven grapefruit.

Careful Jack, or our Portland government will set up an agency for shopper concierge services to help you read the pricing signs in our stores.

In a similar vein, Honey Crisp apples go for a premium in most of the local ordinary grocery stores. I've seen them from $1.99 to $3.99/lb. How's them apples?

As another writer notes, there can be some very good bargains within Whole Foods, as well as Trader Joes. Thrifty shoppers will do quite well.

Our Oregonian is benefiting from the latest battle of comparative shopping with Freddys and Walmart exchanging salvos with full page ads to alert shoppers.

New Seasons has most of their tangerines 2.49 a pound, and they had a three pound bag of Murcotte tangerines for 4.99.

Always take your iPhone and make a list, and then use the calculator.
Saves time and money.

Don't impulse buy, stick to your list, experiment only occasionally -- And watch for specials, also look for & use coupons. Whole Hog and New Squeezin's need to realize there's real competition all around town, with Trader Joe's, Wall-2-Wall Mart, & Freddy Kroger just getting revv'd up here.

They were sampling these the other weekend at the Whole Paycheck that is located near Casa de Mikey South (Valencia CA). I took a sample, loved it, told Mrs. It's Mike to try one, she loved it too...
So we threw 5 of them into a bag and didnt even look at the price.

Until we got home... then Mrs. It's Mike asked me 'did you REALLY like that tangerine?' and then told me what they cost.

Yep, coulda bought a couple 5# bags of clementines...

but boy, are these Sumo's ever GOOD !!!!

Cheers, It's Mike

Costco for produce

Food is cheaper by far if you like pesticides, etc.
I know the subject of organics is coming up now as controversial, but. . .
to each their own.
Watch sales, and often organic is less than the "big agricultural food."
Be a label reader and then decide.
I read those labels, even organic has to be read these days, as I found in the past year frozen organic veggies to be product of China.
This annoys me when our farmland right here is often used for the urban street trees instead of growing food. Enough said as I have written about this before.

organic means a buck more
sustainable means 2 bucks more

Whole Foods is the type of expensive boutique grocery store that PDC and the City of Portland hands out incentives to so they will locate in those so called food deserts.

Why in Gods name would you shop at Whole Foods? New Seasons absolutely blows them out of the water in every way: Price, quality, atmosphere - everything.

I usually skip the citrus because of my diabetes, but yesterday I was a Freds in Tigard and saw something labeled a "royal tangerine". Honking big thing. I picked up one and ate it in two sitings, one yesterday and one tonight. They are good. "only" $ 0.99 a pound, mine totaled out a $ 1.08.

I can't afford either "Whole Wallet", where ever located, or afford to shop in Portland wih no cheap easy parking. Tigard Freddies and Tigard Winco solve the shopping cost and I still get plastic bags.

Anybody on City Council lurking...???? Amanda....JellY.....????

Sounds like it's time for the return of Think I'll Pass.

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