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Saturday, March 16, 2013

When it rains, it pours

The last month has been momentous here at Blog Central. The following occurred:

1. The vacuum cleaner died.
2. The Mrs.'s cell phone was stolen.
3. The television died.
4. The refrigerator died.
5. The garbage disposal died.

The budgetary impact of these events is notable. For spring break, we'll all be sitting home watching the new TV. We may even sit and watch the refrigerator.

On the brighter side, we've replaced the first four items with nicer ones than the ones we had. We're blessed. But we may leave the garbage disposal busted for a while.

Comments (20)

Bad things are supposed to only come in threes. You have exceeded your limit.

This cold I've caught makes 6. Maybe I was just due for a double dose.

I hate to be a gloomy gus, but go take a look at your hot water heater.
We just came home to a puddle on the floor...it wasn't quite gone...but almost.
10 years is all you get on that appliance now a days.
And go full power on the disposal when you get a new one. It is worth the money! And the person who cleans up at your house will be grateful.
Nothing's as good as it used to be...not even butter!

Are you kidding? The communication and entertainment technology is unbelievable. It's like the opposite of the low-flow toilet and "green" washing machine.

The garbage disposal may be fine.

It may just be jammed. There is a hex fitting on the bottom to insert wrench to turn it.
There is also a reset button on the bottom.

We pulled a broken piece of metal out of it. Looks pretty fatal.

Sorry about your run of bad luck. This is probably unfair but seeing Stenchy in the photo gave me a hunch about the stolen cell phone. Could it be that he took it to call his Cousin Reeko in Newark?

I replaced my garbage disposal last summer. The new ones have a bayonette mount. Very easy. It's a simple DIY. Save a few hundred bucks. And you feel manly after doing it!

"We pulled a broken piece of metal out of it. Looks pretty fatal."

I have pulled pieces of metal from many garbage disposals.

Even vacuumed them out. Things get in there. Coins and all sorts of things.
That is a very common problem that makes people think it is fatal.

Try one more time?

man o man....which came first...and catching a cold is just wrong. Get well soon. Good luck with the disposal.

I have pulled pieces of metal from many garbage disposals.

Much may hinge on whether the piece of metal once formed a part of said garbage disposal.

You are right about the communication and tech, Jack. But it just seems like water heaters, and washing machines used to last longer....
And there is nothing so good as real fresh home churned butter from fresh milk! Honest!


Thanks or sorry but I got a laugh out of that. :)

Naturally people usually believe there is some broken piece of the device rattling around or grinding in there.

However, seldom (if ever) have I ever found a piece of the actual disposal.

Vacuum it out.

But not while it is on! :)

And this for your listening pleasure.
A suggested Clackistani theme song.


Sorry, you caught my disease (LOL). This has been my year as well. Van battery died. Transmission went out. Overhauled transmission ($2,000). Got flu. Had to stop helping prepare VITA tax returns. Transmission quit working. Repaired. Transmission quit working. Repaired. Vacuum cleaner died. Lawnmower died. Cell phone quit charging. Got defective phone. Replaced. Phone also defective. Replaced. Phone defective. Replaced. Replacement phone on the way. This all from about January through Middle of March, and I only told half of it.

I read somewhere once that studies have shown that people watch TV 32% more often than any other household appliance.

If you were TriMet, you'd blame your kids' expenses for being unable to replace the vacuum cleaner and refrigerator, while you and the Mrs. take a two-week long vacation to Europe, using a credit card that you will pay using "future expected income", and even knowing that you'll pay 22% interest on said credit card, figure that in a year you'll take out a home equity loan to pay off the credit card while putting your home in hock.

Of course, it's the kids' fault. Their darned basic expenses...

Meanwhile, you'll threaten to cut the television unless the wife gets a second job to pay for it, your wife will pay a fine and be excluded from the house for the cell phone being stolen (couldn't she just go to the next pay phone to make a call?)...and the garbage disposal? Replace it with a whole new designer, artistic sink. Don't forget the art.

We thought our disposal died, as well. Pulled a piece of metal out, as ClackNews mentioned. Don't know what it was, but it works fine.

We ran the Shop Vac on it, but the disposal still sounds seriously bad when you run it.

Mercury retrograde was Feb.22 to Mar.17
All things communicative. 'Communicate' means travel, btw, root word in commuter.
Mercury 'governs' machinery & technology & neurology & learning -- results of communication.
Also 'setbacks' to lungs, and airborne viruses proliferate; (thankful Merc.retro. this time is over before pollen allergy season started).

Merc retro 3 times yearly. This time was especially strong (adversely), of a once-in-four years proportion.

In this spell I replaced a water heater, and a headlight went out on my car.
Someone filibustered in the Senate, communicating just like in olden retro days.

Coming next: June 26 to July 20. Events might be very tearful, many tears, emotions and sentiments hurt. Check-up eyesight and lenses' prescription.

"We ran the Shop Vac on it, but the disposal still sounds seriously bad when you run it."

One more shot.

I have had the same problem with a disposal. A piece of metal was lodged under one of the chopping blades. I believe a penny on one occasion.

Use a flashlight and long screwdriver to move the blades and look for free moving and any signs of foreign metal matter.

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