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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Well doggies

Is it just us, or is Oregon secretary of state Kate Brown turning into Miss Hathaway on The Beverly Hillbillies?

UPDATE, 3/20, 2:19 a.m.: We couldn't resist. Here's the whole cast:

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I always thought that John Kitzhaber resembled Jed Clampett a bit. You know this is starting to make a little more sense now that you point out this other resemblance.

Photoshop inspiration...

Come and listen to a story bout man named John
Picked to fix the state but the money was all gone
Then one day he was working on our schools
But he tried to keep them open by breaking all the rules

New taxes that is, less services, Salem fees

Well it didn’t bother John cause he’s a millionaire
We cried fix PERS but he said it wasn’t fair
He said, being green is the place we want be
Then appointed a director of sustainability

Solar power, light rail, mini cars

So now it’s time to say goodbye to John and all his kin
And we would like to thank them all for kindly stoppin in
They’re not invited back next year to this locality
We need to find a better group for this society

Ya’ll don’t come back now

Where's Jethro???

... and Gibby hits it out of the ballpark!

Burdick looks naturally so much like Grannny that it took a bit for me to see that she'd been photo shopped. But I don't recognize Ellie May.... somebody help me out.

Tina Kotek is Jethro. Ellie May???

Awesome !
Brilliant Gibby!!!
But who is Ellie May?

The worst Oregon has to offer runs Oregon.


Between The photo and Gibby's prose I nearly spit my coffee out in laughter!

Made my day, Jack and Gibby! Thanks.

Wee-ee-ee-ee-ee doggies!

I believe that's First Lady Cylvia Hayes.

Wow! Jack and Gibby. Pure genius. And all done within three hours of the wee hours!

Thanks fellas! Can't wait to see you do the spin-offs, "Clackamas Junction" and the Portland version, "Green Achers"

Ginny can't be Granny. I watched that show as a kid and Granny was one of those evil gun owners. I'm pretty sure she had an assault shotgun.

Way to go Gibby.

Now that is some funny vittles ,thanks.

Tut. Tut. The cowboy booted Guv prefers "The Beverly Hill-Williams!"

Wow, never knew Ellie Mae was a "Green Energy Rock Star" and a "Clean Economy Expert." How much are taxpayers spending on Ellie Mae's world travels with Jed?

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