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Monday, March 25, 2013

Wanted: an inspector for the aerial tram [rim shot]

The City of Portland wants to hire an "independent ropeway engineer" to inspect the laughable OHSU aerial tram [rim shot] a few times a year. Makes you wonder who's inspecting it now. All this while they also search for a new manager for the infernal thing. We've got a hunch there's some expensive bad news coming about the Kohler Coaster in the next few years. Wonder who'll pay to fix it. OHSU? Ha! Ha!

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I like how Corporate Responsibility and sustainability are rated higher than actual cost. We'll pay through the nose as long as you're nice.

Good thing Adams got a job with the City Club,
or he might have applied as he sure did like that tram!

Oh, that's easy. In about three years, the new inspector will "discover" a major flaw that somehow went past the entire design and construction crew, and the only option will be to tear the whole damn thing down and build something new. Something even more expensive and labor-intensive, that will never even come close to being useful. Oh, and something that will make the hipsters point up and exclaim "It's who we are."

Why not pay for these positions out of the fares charged? Oh... NOBODY pays? Oh, NOBODY keeps track? Oh, Nobody wants to talk about it?

OHSU/CoP Tram Agreement estimated that 10 to 15% of passengers would be public and the rest OHSU. There were to be yearly followup on the counts.
No reports to the North Macadam URAC have been forthcoming.
Are the counts legitimate?
Are the maintenance expenditures being properly divided?
Are the $4/ride covering the expenses? OHSU's patients/doctors/staff are not required to pay, but is OHSU paying it's 85% plus share?
How are the payments to the bonded debt coming along?

I don't see anything in there about a gag order if contractor discovers something in their inspections that turns out to be bad news.

Depending on who hires the contractor, a gag order might already be included in the contract. Obfuscation through multi-layering is a specialty of CoP.

I'm getting a little nostalgic as this blog winds down.
For example, here's how the tram got its rim shot:

I think we got off cheaply here. The backup plan was to sprinkle chlorine into Bull Run from an aerial tram.
Posted by bill mcdonald | August 2, 2005 2:28 PM

From now on, whenever you post the phrase "aerial tram" please follow it with "[rim shot]." Thank you.
Posted by Jack Bog | August 2, 2005 2:31 PM

Many more years ago than I care to mention, I had a summer job with a man named Charlie Pope inspecting wire cables on ski lifts. It wasn't rocket science.

Page 14 shows "cost" is only 15% of the consideration for contract award.

How perfectly Portland.

And all of the cities and counties in sight
continue to do what Portland would do.

What a sick model.

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