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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vibrant isn't working, either

Gee, with a shiny new streetcar, a "road diet" on Multnomah Street, gleaming apartment towers on the way, and all the goodness of the MAX trains, you'd think that businesses would thank their lucky stars that they've got their offices in the Lloyd District of northeast Portland. But it ain't necessarily so.

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The actual article cites reasons for the move that have nothing to do with the "vibrant" changes to the area that are a frequent object of ridicule on this blog. In fact they seem to be reasons that have potentially been relevant since the move to Lloyd in 2004. Now if you want to use this story to again criticize "tax incentive" giveaways you might have some traction. But the only new tax incentive that might keep Integra here, if the article is to be believed, would be the elimination of Oregon's personal income tax. If you want to take a stab at advocating that, the red carpet is all yours, but it would take some pretty fancy 'splaining for anyone paying attention to the state of our fisc to take that proposal seriously

Their lease is up and they are working it to get a better deal, city incentives to stay put or maybe they seriously want to get away from Portland and Multnomah county and all the useless and expensive BS those locales spew onto all of us poor and/or stupid suckers.

I don't blame them - as soon as I see my own way out I will take it.

The actual article cites reasons for the move that have nothing to do with the "vibrant" changes to the area that are a frequent object of ridicule on this blog.

And your point is...?

My point is that with all our money that's been spent to make Lloyd Center into the "planning" cabal's dream place, it still can't hold a decent-sized employer without a handout. Which means that the "planning" and transformation money's been wasted. But hey, don't let the actual content of the post get in the way of your criticisms.

Heck, the Lloyd District couldn't even retain the Port of Portland's offices which I believe are still vacant to this day.

Every city has slackers. But, we in Portland... we have vibrant slackers.

Who vote for the Sam Rand Twins.

What's the problem?


1)Relatively uneducated population in high-tech
2) Poor schools
3) Personal income tax
4) High utility costs
5) Poor infrastructure for transport vehicles

Take your choice. Glassy condos can only cover so many shortcomings. Heck, Washington county will be bigger than Multnomah in 20 years.

These are the same guys that fenced off their property to keep Benson students from cutting through their lot as a shortcut to the max stop.

Private property? The city would rather the building stay vacant than go against their evil master plan.

A description of Multnomah Street through the Lloyd District: Trashy, confusing - a total waste of taxpayer dollars - a real puke of a street.

By the time the planners are done with us, which I doubt,
as it seems to be forever ongoing, I doubt much of any
of what is left of our once "City of Roses" will be vibrant.

They just dropped a bunch of planters on Multnomah street, so now if an emergency vehicle needed to get by, there is no place to pull over.

There are probably a lot of issues Integra is sorting through, but the misguided, mismanaged, and flip-floppy mandates the city dictates to business is CERTAINLY a big factor.

Businesses want stability and certainty so that they can plan accordingly. Portland is a huge black hole for businesses, which really sucks.

Have you spent any time at the Lloyd MAX stop? It can get pretty busy, and it's right out side of their front doors. Not everybody is there to use transit, either.

If it was my building, I'd build a bigger fence. Or move to Vancouver.

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