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Friday, March 22, 2013

Two weeks' notice

This blog will be going on indefinite hiatus at the end of the day on Friday, April 5. The site will remain on the internet, but the addition of new content will cease at that point.

Why? We've been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on a major writing project connected to our day job as a tax law expert, and that work will take up all of the time previously devoted to this blog. The project will take at least a year to complete, at which time we'll assess whether an internet comeback is in order.

This isn't a decision that we've reached without a lot of consideration over the last several months. What's happening to our city, state, country, and world is important to us, but so are our career and our family's finances. Taking an extended break from blogging to work on the tax project is the right thing to do.

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll try to get our pending blog topics into mothballs, where we can pick them up later -- or better yet, where other bloggers can pick them up and run with them while we're gone. And we'll be saying fare-thee-well, at least for now, to the blogosphere.

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Holy shizzle, that's big news!

It will be really tough to go without your blog, but congratulations to you on your new opportunity.

I have often wondered how you are able to juggle this site with your family and career. Good luck with what you have going. Your voice will be missed.

Maybe we should all come to court when you argue against the Arts Tax. It would be nice of you to post any information on this.

Thanks Jack!
You're not WEIRD, you're working on something very worthwhile and important.
Good Luck!

You will be missed. Thanks for everything.

How about a guest host? Perhaps Bill McDonald or Phil Stanford would be willing to take the desk while you are on hiatus.

Go for it, my friend. Opportunities like that don't come along anywhere near often enough.

Are the Sam Rand twins there right now forcing you to write this?
All kidding aside, Portland's loss.
Best wishes.

Jack, your ongoing contribution to our community will be greatly missed. I make bold to predict that your commitment to real journalism (which, lest we forget, is what we get here) will bring you back one day. Meanwhile, those of us who spend time here and rely on you for news are both grateful and bereft.

I'm with Tom...Jack, perhaps a like minded friend could be a guest host...I'd sure hate to miss this blog..its like crack-cocaine with no downside ;o)
very addictive

Tell me this is an early April fools joke. What am I gonna do w/o Jack Bog's blog.....what am I gonna read now. Who am I gonna believe now? Understand though...go forth, do good things and enjoy the new opportunity.

All things must pass.
Thanks, Jack.

"Well, the politicians are partying, they're staying up 'til the break of dawn.
And the developers are happy. they're drinking champagne 'til it's all gone.
And the reason that they're happy, is the reason that we're blue.
It's the feelin' when you find out, when you get the awful news.

It's the Disappearin' Jack Bog's Blog Blues."

I don't know how I can survive without your blog. I second the motion to have Bill MacDonald or Phil Stanford fill in. And thank you for filing the suit against the Portland Arts Tax.

Good for you. Bad for us, but we aren't going anywhere anyhow.

Or Dave Lister, perhaps?


Jack, first, go for he gold. Its a great opportunity and professional challenge, and you should take on the project.

Second, understand hat you will be sorely missed by so many.(Well, maybe not Randy or Scam, but consider who we are talking about.) A testament to how effective and informative you have been. A public service for all of us. A job well done.

Third, how about an April 5th virtual celebration party, parallel to the annual Christmas party. Les all review the blasts from this blog's past.

Oh this is sad news for me. Wish we could get someone to keep it going in your absence.

Unbeknownst to bojack, I wonder if you follow the money funding this once in a lifetime opportunity back far enough it can be traced to people who are not fans of this blog.


Best of luck in your new endeavor.

Wow, my whole day will change now. I read your blog instead of the O first thing in the morning. Going to miss the BoJack Underdog pool as well.

In all seriousness though,congratulations Jack! I hope your new writing venture is successful and I wish the best to you and your family! We're going to miss you here!

PS: Keep us posted on the Art Tax! :)

Well, I guess now I am going to have to get some work done...

Thank you for the range of emotions! Laughter -- that damn rat does it to me every time -- sadness for Portland and, at times, rage.

Who is going to cheer for the Clackastani Rebels?

Who is going to keep "All-Hales" in line?

Shoot. How about some other suggested online local reading suggestions before you sign off?

Good luck in all you do.

Wow! Happy and sad at the same time. I'm happy for you to move forward with this career opportunity and I'm sad to be denied your daily perspective about what's really going on in "our world" of local and state news. The Oregonian and the local weekly papers and daily TV don't really do their jobs or have the insight and humor that you have. You will be missed greatly, so I'm now mourning my loss. Maybe a short weekly summary of your progress, sort of like "Travels with Jack" would work? Thanks for all your great work.

Best of luck to you, Jack. Completely understand but we radio types have just lost some really fine show prep. Ha Ha

Man you have raised the bar for local citizen journalism so very high I think it will be the standard by which others will be judged. This is indeed a voice I will dearly miss and want to express my deepest gratitude for all the time and effort you put into it over the years, your readers are all the more richer for it.

Good Luck Jack. PDX doesn't know how much they'll miss you.

Wow! Congrats! Still opportunities to make some green writing? Go for it!

We will miss you, but while this blog will be silent, somehow I don't think you will entirely disappear, for man can't live by tax law alone.

Oh dear... who will now rake the muck?

I wish you the best of luck with your writing project.

I hope the site will remain active somehow during your absence.

Unfortunately, there's really no one who can replace Jack. I can't think of any columnist in Portland, blogger or otherwise, who comes close. No need to go on at length now, but Jack Bog's Blog will be missed.

You did good work

Congratulations on the book gig Jack.

The good news for fans of this blog is that it is very unlikely things will get un-screwed-up around here during your hiatus, so there will still be plenty for you to write about on your return.

What Phil said.

I vote for a sending off party by stuffing the gallery at the hearing for the arts tax and then camping out in Lownsdale Park.

Best of luck to you, Cuz.

Maybe his kids could substitute for him or perhaps the wife. Might create a whole new perspective on Bog Central.

Aw, man....Well, hey, it's been a real cool trip to date, Jack -- Can't thank you enough. We'll carry on somehow in the meantime. Have fun with your book project. Many happy returns!

The Beatles ~ "Paperback Writer" studio takes

I too smell an April Fools joke coming, but if not, does anyone know where the condo bunker and city planner crowds hang out? I imagine the drinks are flowing freely tonight! I want to go get in on that. Good luck Jack.

Oh NOOOOO!! (but congrats, Jack!) You will really be missed by those of us who find corruption detestable.
While no one can fill your shoes, we do need someone to keep us together. Phil or Bill, are you listening?
Again, thank you Jack for all you've done for us.


OK, I have regained my composure some. Pursue new endeavors and best of luck. If you are planning a blog wake at any local pubs just let us know the time and place.

There once was a blogger named Jack
Who posted political smack
When the thieves were all outed
The Professor then shouted
Good riddance and he never looked back

Your impact on local politics will be missed and your departure leaves a huge void. Please come back as soon as time allows!

Bast of luck, Jack. I'll look forward to a new valuation treatise or whatever your project turns out to be. Nothing is forever, perhaps including both blogs and books.

Congratulations on your opportunity! Make the most of it. Meanwhile, we will miss your constant exposure of things smelly and wrong. Every city should have someone like you to keep an eye on things.
Looking forward to your return!

I interviewed Jack for another website and I thought I made a good point in the intro:

One way to appreciate Bogdanski, is to ponder how much it would cost to walk into a tax lawyer’s office and ask for a detailed analysis of a city’s fiscal health—an analysis that goes on for years. Like him or not, we’re talking about millions of dollars worth of expertise here, and it [was] given to the Rose City for free.

There were strange things blogged in the Portland slog
  By the man who knew tax law;
The wrongs he told with puns/headlines bold
  That would rub a pol's nerves raw;
Old grifters here show little fear
  Running roughshod over the herds
But he gave us the key in helping us to see
  When we read Bogdanski's words.

Now Bogdanski was from New Jersey, where...

Thank you for all the words, Jack. And the encouragement for all of us to stay in the game and hold the bastards' feet to the fires.
Best wishes on all your ventures and adventures.

And that giant wooshing sound you hear is all the little apparatchiks in PDX and its environs breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Happy trails.

So they figured out how to shut up up Jack?
Give you an offer you can't refuse?

Oh wow, that's sad?

Your blog is not replaceable, how are we supposed to get the inside scoop now?

Turn it over to one of the regulars here at the very least.

You can't take one hour out of your day for this project?


You will be missed. Good luck with the book and I look forward to your return.

Best wishes, Professor, and congratulations on the project!

Was it something we said?

I bet the big cabal artists got together and found you a nice little office in the sustainability building down in the brownfield soWhat district. Nice little 25k a month Pers plan down the road etc. What better way to shut up the opposition than to bring them on board!

You know you will not be able to just drop it, you are as addicted to this crap as we are. However best wishes to you and your family you will be missed sir.

Congrats on the new venture, Jack, and I echo the many who say you will be missed. If perhaps a once a week post is possible, it would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck and I hope you don't have blogging withdrawals.

"What Phil said."

Jack cannot be replaced. But much of the value he provided was a forum for others to contribute. Bill, Phil, Dave L., Alan, and sometimes even Tenskwatawa. That will be missed.

So, not that my opinion matters, but I would like to suggest that you hand this blog (temporary lease) to those of your choosing to carry the torch forward in your absence. If you don't like the direction or whatever, then shut 'er down then. I'd hate to see this get closed down with no replacement. FWIW, IMHO.

you will be missed....
and any recommendations as to where to tune in for news on the daily sleeeeeze in PDX.
Good Luck yo you and us!

Jack, my personal thanks for your support of the Clackistan rebellion, by informing and providing information. And for exposure of the streetcar/light rail/Homer cabal in Lake O. I know we owe a lot of our successes to you.
I'm crushed that I won't have this blog to read, but am forever grateful for you and it. All the best to you and your family.

Big loss.
What to do?


Without a Jack?

Maybe an interim attempt just to post the most obvious of stories and topics so people post their complaints?

I'll have to make some inquires.
Maybe McDonald, Gibby and a few others can contribute?

Two weeks? Yikes.

Hey man, if you're working on a tax law casebook, put some pictures in it or something. Those things could really use some spicing up.

Thanks for "blogging this." On the bright side, I'm sure my productivity at work will increase in the blog's absence.

No more [rimshot]s? City Hall is breathing easier tonite.

Thanks for it all and best of luck with your project.

And I hope you return (no pressure...)

Wow, going to miss this site, I like the idea of a guest host.
Good luck Jack.

Good luck to you on your book opportunity. Completely understand.

Do give some consideration to finding a guest host or two. Granted, 2 years is a long time, but some may be able to step up to your standards.

The guy from Instapundit has rounded up quite a few quality bloggers to fill in when he takes a vacation, and things seem to roll along pretty smoothly. Not quite the same, but interesting none the less.

Jack, thanks for all you've done and (I presume) at considerable risk to yourself. Congratulations on the new opportunity and godspeed. I've seen several stellar blogs go under due to burnout on the part of the sitemaster. Glad that is not what occurred in your case but I will miss you. Don't be a stranger.

Thanks for your insight over the months. I will very much miss the path to your page.
Come back ASAP!


Say it ain't so. When I was prepping for the Oregon Bar, you presented the Tax Law portion of exam preparation. I already knew of you from reading your blog. I had a tax question on my bar exam. I credit you partially for my passage.

Look Jack, I am a Republican. Do not always agree with you but always appreciate your insight. I love your blog. Your dedication to truth-seeking and genuine interest in the political landscape of Oregon. Your journalistic bent.

They say you are a curmudgeon. They are wrong.

I'll sue!

I can understand keeping the domain name - that's pretty inexpensive - but are you planning to continue paying for the server?

I'm just curious; the site would still be available on archives like the Wayback Machine, so why would you pay to maintain it on your Bend server if you won't be active?

But as others have said, congratulations on the new gig.

So after withdrawing from the world and pupating for a prolonged period deep within his chrysalis, Jack will emerge in a few months as a fully developed, unapologetic CONSERVATIVE.

The metamorphosis will be complete when he emerges bearing no resemblance to the earlier liberal larval stage. But it will be HIM. The same Jack, now a fully developed CONSERVATIVE. And able to fly....

And the Sam Rand twins are crying out . . . "Yeah, sure, NOW he goes quiet."

As another who has differing opinions a lot of the time, but also finds a fair amount of common ground (See Trimet, PDX City Hall, Biketopia etc . . . ) I'm gonna miss these daily updates. Congrats on the new path you're on and may it be a huge success. Still hope for an occasional surprise post (Come on . . . They're GONNA do something SO incredibly stupid you WON'T be able to resist . . )

Thanks for everything you do here and we'll miss ya.

Underdog pool??!?

Unbelievable. Thank you for an education not available through any other means. This will be one habit that's hard to break. Best to you always. Come back soon, please.

Ah gee whiz! I will sure miss you!
All the best to you and yours.

All good things...
Congrats and best wishes.

The best of luck to you in your new project. Thanks for the input you have given me. You are the best.

Jack, must remain anonymous, sorry, but where I work, I thought I heard champagne corks popping down the hall today. Oh well. I enjoyed your stuff and liked seeing you stick it to The Man. Go off, make some money, enjoy your family and make new outfits for Stenchy and COME BACK! I too vote for Phil and/or Bill. Couldn't they share duties? And can you put in a like or dislike button?


You helped Lake Oswego defeat the ruling oligarchy in the last election. Your name is spoken with reverence among the northern Clackistani. So many will miss you. We will have lost a feeling of safety that one cannot get in the Portland area any more from investigative journalists, or newspapers that are supposed to protect the public.

Where are we going to get the honest news about Portlandia now?

Congratulations on the writing gig! You are definitely doing the right thing by taking it and putting the blog on hiatus. We'll miss you, but ya know, somehow I think the world will continue to spin and most of the same issues will be here when you get back! Good luck!

Where will I get the " news? "

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

God Bless,


You are the last of the true, free journalists in Portland. This is much more than just the sime URL bojack.org

You've built a community of local free journalism that created awareness and speaks the mathematical truth. Don't let it die, let it grow via others willing to pick up the torch. Enable a few trusted guest posters to carry on, grow the community, and embrace truly free journalism that's hard hitting.

We all know that at the county/state/federal level the money vs math equation is broken. Few expose it in real time and fix it. That's old s hool journalism Jack. Entrust this blog to those who want to do the right thing in the PDX area, but understand reality/math. Pass it on...

Lastly, thank you. Don't stop changing the world.

Sorry about the keyboard errors above. Numb fingers from carrying firewood inside, a tiny phone, and noticing that my fav local blog is going offline caused panic. Support free / local journalism!

PS: Filing a lawsuit against the city of Portland over the arts (for rich people to enjoy) tax, and publicly blogging the truth about the wasteful spending of our tax money - are very conflicted interests.

Well played, calculated, timed, and executed departure on your part.


When I lose a favorite employee, I feel sad and a little afraid, mostly for myself. What will life be like without him/her/you? And Stenchy! But I ALWAYS want people to do what is best for themselves - we will survive. This I know - no one will fill your shoes with so much wit, wisdom and fierceness.

Have a productive year, and re-join us for the Spring of 2014 - just in time for the next round of elections! How fortunate! In the meantime, where will the news papers and TV stations get all their leads? Oh no!

What will become of Stenchy? And how will I know when to stay inside due to impending catastrophic snow storms? And who will keep us informed about any new crapartments and urban bunkers going in? A sad day in Portlandia indeed.

Sad to see you go but congrats on the news! As a self admitted news addict who visits this site multiple times per day you will be greatly missed. Hopefully I'll stumble upon some other local blogs so I can stay well informed to the goings on of the area.

Jack will come back and be elected Mayor of Portland.

Well you've ruined my weekend Jack....
I wish you all the success possible and look forward to your return.

This is shocking news. This feels like I am losing my favorite uncle. Where will I turn to to get my hometown updates now?
On the other hand I really hope your new project is a major success, perhaps even a transformative one. Tax policy needs a lot of help in this world.

Keep up the good fight!

Jack, some of our outlooks vary wildly; but a year ago, you were thoughtful enough to post an article promoting my lengthy comment, the Downtown Denizen's Tale.

This related how I came to live in (and then, much later, move out of) the City Portland. I rather doubt that I changed any minds, and that's fine -- we had a lively discussion, and it certainly felt good to unburden myself.

Once again: Thank you for posting that.

May you keep your slop bucket dry, and your grass less than a foot high. Come this May, we Clackistanis shall mount the dreaded Spring Offensive, and win primary battles in your honor. You will receive tribute in the form of discarded trolley track.

The farm isn't very sunny right now. Sad, bereft are the only words that come to mind.

Thanks for the memories, Jack! Good luck with the project

Congrats to you, Jack, but I admit I'm sad to read this news. I probably disagree with you about 30-40% of the time, but treasure your site as offering an opinion and viewpoint you can't really get anywhere else in town. I hope you'll pop up from time to time to say hello.

What Phil and Beardo said!

City,county, and state government are breathing a huge sigh of relief as we speak. Without any actual journalists in town, where will we turn for the real story?

Jack - your blog and coming here is a breath of fresh air in this city, where opposing viewpoints are welcomed and encouraged, and questioning the status quo is expected. I believe many people are irritated because those who come here don't fit the mold of what the power players think of those who oppose them, but we are actually more like them than they expect. And yet we are not happy.

It's a shame you will be moving on, but best of wishes to you in your new role. I really hope someone does step up and continue the tradition you've started here. Portland really needs an alternative voice of reason and this is the best we have so far.

My tinfoil hat just got a little crumpier. Sorry I brought up Agenda 21 - those rats know how to mess up a good thing.

But probably better to get out front of the dollar collapse while you still can.

You are definitely the exception to this:

"What is the difference between a lawyer and a catfish? - One is a mud sucking bottom-feeder and the other is a fish"

There is an impermanence to all things.

I say we file for a TRO to make Jack keep going !
Seriously, good luck in your endeavor.
While I too sometimes disagreed with your views I most certainly appreciate the hard work this must take.
Please consider the guest host idea.

Started reading the blog in 2006 just before I got fed up with Portland and left the state. Haven't missed a day of the blog since. Coming back to Portland April 5th for my daughter's wedding. Irony? Happy day/Sad day. Thank you Jack. You'll be missed.

If I read Jack correctly it seems to me that journalism is his first love, avocation-wise. And that's what this blog is and has been: pure journalism. Journalism the way it was meant to be and ought to be. So, I'm betting Jack will be back.

Jack, your blog has been a gift to Portland, and I greatly appreciate the insight and exposure you've brought to the many issues plaguing this city. Like so many of your other regular readers, I am terribly sad to see you go, but wish you all the best in your new venture.

Jack, it's sneaky of you how you are keeping your appointment as senior tax adviser to Congress under wraps.

You have been the best sounding board to all aspects of our lives with such a wide breath.

Best wishes to you and your family, and we'll see you back.

Wishing you the best.
Thank you.
Guess we will have a couple of weeks to say our Goodbyes. I am grateful to have had this time to write, share thoughts and concerns and to know so many others who contributed here and care.
You will be missed, the "real deal" daily news will be missed, my coffee time with the blog will be missed. . . a void for sure in our city.

Dang! Your legal and writing skills are uncommon. Who can we turn to for local news? You know the bloggers who can substitute for at least some of your special journalism. Can you suggest a few? A couple that we can follow until you return?

Best of luck to you; as documented by the many posts, you will be missed.

I just don't understand why you don't turn this blog over to some of your regular commentators?

They can keep it going!

You can't just stop this blog, you gotta give someone a shot at keeping it going!

You definitely will be missed....there's no replacement for the overall news that you covered, as well as, your humor about it (when not crying or spitting). Where will WW find things to quote that they don't have the guts to report on??? There's some topics that were ONLY REPORTED ON HERE!!!

Well, I guess us 'normal citizens' will just have to try to pick up the slack.....if there's a party, be sure to invite me!

I'm gutted. Also happy that you are taking an opportunity to branch out. Thanks for all the great work and good humor/searing criticism you somehow managed to dish out EVERY day, nearly without fail. Whoever's getting you is lucky to have you. Fair winds and following seas on your new venture.

Lots of latent energy in this group. Y'all ought to start your own ancillary site. I checked and Bogosphere.com is available. It couldn't be simpler: http://www.siteground.com/tutorials/wordpress/

Best of luck on your project, Jack.

So Jack, maybe you wanna sell the site?
I know blogging is a labor of love, something that passionate people do because they want to not because there is money in it.
It's understandable that you would want to take a break and pursue some hard cash, nobody can blame you.
So how bout selling it if your not going to keep it going?

bojack.org is worth $ 13,670 - Worth Of Web

Bill McDonald nailed it on what you offer that we can't find anywhere else: A detailed analysis of Portland's fiscal health with the expertise of a tax lawyer. You also have some of the smartest, regular commenters. (Compare the quality of comments on your blog with The O's. Not even close.)

Jack, I hope you give in occasionally on really outrageous news and
post something. Good luck with your project, and hurry back.

We'll certainly miss the daily visits to the blog, as well as the great analysis of the news and events around these parts. Ciao!

Thanks for the fun ride Jack. We will miss your perspective and the underdogs for charity competition. Goodluck & blogspeed. genop & genos gal

Nooooooo! Don't goooooo! Jack, you are only voice of truth and reason around these parts.
I wish you well on new venture. You will be missed.
I'm going to go cry in my wine now.

Ah shucks. I would move BACK to Portland if Jack ever runs for mayor. Just to vote for him. Thanks for everything Jack, this site is a gem.

You've made a Difference for Portland!
It is a better place for it. (AKA less worse)
I hope your next adventure makes an even bigger difference and inspiration in a bigger way yet.
Best of success!

Now to crawl back in my hole and dumb down again.

Best of luck on the new venture! Your hardhitting analysis of all things Portland will be sorely missed. Selfishly, I wonder if special arrangements might be made to keep the NFL underdog pool running during your absence?

Can we still be friends!

Seriously, you're a resource that will be missed.

It has been great fun (and educational) reading your blog for lo these many years. It has also been fascinating watching you grow in your attitudes and in your willingness to take on the inept people we elect to public office. You will definitely be missed.
Congratulations on your new project. My wish is that you have been asked to write a totally new income tax law for these United States.

Wow. Happy for your opportunity, sad for our loss. Any suggestions as to where else we can find the low-down on what's really going on at the CoP?

What a relief.
I thought I was going to have to move back to Portland to lick envelopes for your campaign for a major public office.

Say it isn't so, Jack. I don't know how you've carried on for so long, but pleeeeeease don't go. This is stunningly sad(for us)news.

We can only hope that in the end you won't want to stay away for a whole year. Instead of a daily blog how about a once or twice a month post?

Congrats on the writing project! Enjoy.

Blog. Cannot. Stop. Too many people involved. Ghostwriter placemaker needed. Please to reconsider. Posted from Iguazu Falls on the Brazil-Argentine border. Nooooooooo.....

Geez, I go to the beach for a week, and look what I come back to! Congrats on your writing opportunity (and as an accountant who worked for one of the large firms as a tax accountant, I can certainly attest to the dryness of tax textbooks!), and keeping attentive to your family during that time.

I, too, hope that either guest bloggers or a similar site will emerge. Someone has to cover our City Auditor's back, and keep the pols' feet to the fire!

Jack,thanks for all you have given us readers! I will miss your posts a lot...how else am I supposed to keep up with what is going on in Portland? I can identify with you stopping in order to write, however, as I am finishing up the new expanded version of my book, "Growing Up With G.I. Joe's," and find it so hard to keep posting on my blog.
Please resume posting when you can!!

Jack, what about your "blog kids?" I'll bet you don't even know how many bloggers you have inspired to start up! As one of them, let me say that it is going to be hard carrying on without your example...

The prospect of a writing project like this comes along so rarely in the life of a college professor that my hat is off to you for both recognizing and seizing the opportunity. Your blog has inspired many, terrorized many, and has helped make Portland and urbs a more informed place to live.

Congratulations on the new project - I expect it will succeed beyond your wildest expectations. And many, many thanks for shining lights into corners that the local politicos would have preferred to have kept dark.

Bon voyage, Bon chance, and a tip of a glass to you.


P.S. I think we missed our annual Higgins lunch this year.

Congrats on the new project! See you for 'dogs in August.

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