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Monday, March 11, 2013


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Call your cable provider for the HD signal and expect to pay about $10 more per month.

(I am not sure if this is true of all HDTV providers. My experience has been with Comcast.)

We were already getting the HD signal, just didn't have the right TV to show it on.

Interested to know what you bought, for how much, and where you bought it?

Letterman's looking a little peaked in that shot.

Funny: I always figured you more of an "Invader Zim" viewer.

And you did this to watch Spongebob?

It is a 46" Samsung, without 3D, on costco.com. $850 delivered.

Yes, we watch SpongeBob from time to time.

I remember those monsters. I've helped dozens of friends and relatives dispose of them. Sometimes it sucks to be the big power lifter in the group.

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