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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Turning it off and turning it back on

The haze of the Portland crud has us flat on our back with no ambition to do much of anything, and so it's off to reading and passive screen-watching we go. A couple of weeks ago a friend our age, who's quite a bit more with it than we, rattled off a list of films and television programs we should be seeing. Of course, we hadn't heard of any of them, and most of the names went in one ear and out the other. But we did remember a show called The IT Crowd, and through the miracle of the Mrs.'s Netflix account, we discovered we can watch dozens of episodes of that program at a moment's notice.

Maybe it's just the delirium of the cold we're fighting, but we haven't laughed this hard in a long time. It's a half-hour BBC sitcom about the IT workers at a large company. Their office is in the basement. We're about five installments into the first season, which apparently was in 2006, and looking forward to more. We need to have lunch with our hip friend again, and get the rest of that list. And although we don't want to lie around sick again any time soon, perhaps we should lie around unsick more often.

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After reading your posting, I went to YouTube and watched bloopers and out takes of this sitcom!

There are also excerpts of episodes.

I love the "IT Crowd"! I do IT work for a large corporation - our standard response to Windows issues comes straight from this show - "did you try turning your computer off and back on again"?

Make sure to make it through mid-Season 3, where you'll be introduced to "The Internet"...

Binge viewing is in! Illness is not a prerequisite. I hope you will share recommendations and suitable wine pairings.

A friend has also recommended "Black Books." Episode 1 looks promising.

If you need something entertaining to watch, here's a David Letterman interview with a young movie star who couldn't be any cooler. And she and Dave sound like they're fighting colds too.


First episode had a few big laughs--thanks man!

If you think this one is funny watch "Peep Show" on NetFlix. Crazy funny, crazy inappropriate, brilliantly written and shot. Only gets better season by season.

I'll give it a shot, but to be honest, I'm pretty disappointed with the majority of stuff they clutter up the airwaves (or bandwidth if you prefer) these days. But who knows ...

House of Cards on Netflix is dark, intricate and fabulous. This is the first season for the show so there are only 7 episodes. Kevin Spacey shines as a House Representative in DC where life is about getting power and keeping it. The music score is..... can't find the word... Arresting?

Checked it out last night on Netflix, funny but a little forced. Very much inspired by Monty Python. Peep Show is (IMHO) a far funnier show and there are 7 seasons on Netflx. Highly recommend it.

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