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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Throw another government flack on the pile

The prez at UC Nike is advertising for a new mouthpiece. Can you say "free bowl game junkets"? There'll be a test for the gig: In 50 words or less, explain to the public why the university needs special pension plan rules for presidents and coaches. [Via our colleague at UO Matters.]

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LarsLarson at it today again hating on all his former goodbuddy journaliti legitimii ex-confederates who don't return his calls because, well, they have honest work in gov't departments as p.r.flaks and they're getting PERS'd! (LarsLars hates), and it's all a gov't Liberal Media conspiracy ... and talking with him is detrimental to their careers.
Yet I still lay odds he's one of them or a wannabe within a year.

Right now, here, for instance: I bet he calls someone to call someone to check for him discreetly about the situation in the UofO help wanted.

Tenskwatawa, do you ever call in to mention these things?

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