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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Portland crud, 2013 edition

We've managed to contract one of the several bugs that are going around. It brings us much sniffling and not much energy. 'Tis a day for chicken soup and sympathy.

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Don't forget the hot toddy - very therapeutic, and sleep inducing :-)

Get well soon.

If sleep doesn't come, siting in he family room with a good fire in the wood stove is also very restful. Remember to hydrate - those wood stove fires can make you dry enough to need wo hot toddies.

Or more.

The Portland crud

What? The one that turns you into an urban planner?

Cook some fresh jalepeno with your chicken soup.
That'll clear you up.

Hugs- Mamacita

You've got a new HD television. Try to find some Perry Mason. If not, a Law & Order: Criminal Intent marathon is always good for background while you're drifting in and out of consciousness.

As Ferris Bueller's dad advised: "Take a hot bath and wrap a hot towel around your head."

You have my sympathies Jack. This has been a brutal year for bugs. I am rarely sick but was stricken three times since last Thanksgiving.

And college basketball on your new t.v.!

Jack, working on the ArtTax lawsuit should get you some sleep. Good luck.

That work is done for now.

Same here, just in time for the weekend.

Got something last week, the good news is that it didn't last long, no lingering cough, etc.
Mostly continuous tears coming out of eyes, one side then the other.

Who knows, those tears might have been stored up witnessing the way our city is going.

Hope you all have a speedy recovery.

And juice...lots of juice...with vodka!

I got it last weekend. Seems to be a 5 day bug. First time I've been sick in about 6 years.

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