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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

School property giveaway to apartment dudes continues

This time not only is it "for the children," it's "for the Native American children." Way down at the bottom:

The project is based on a similar project in the Portsmouth neighborhood. That project, Bridge Meadows, operates on the Ball Elementary School site and was developed by Guardian Management, the same company that is developing the Lents project.

Johnny can't read, but Super Carole sure knows how to dance, doesn't she?

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I think they should relocate the next homeless shanty town to the halls of the SD#1 Administrative Building. All the nice homeless folks would then be warme and dry and have ready access to sanitation facilities.

NAYA is building apartments by assembling prefabricated units, not stick-built on-site. Doing so saves a lot of time and money. Construction costs are not much for these.

Matt Morton abstained from voting because he is employed by NAYA.

Greg Belisle voted of course because he surely has no conflict of interest. He's just employed by another "contractor" TO PPS.

Both Belisle and Morton are examples of the fox guarding the hen house. PPS needs some major spring cleaning. It needs to start at the board level.

We really need someone to step up and oppose Martin Gonzalez and Pam Knowles who are running unopposed. We have two candidates for Sargent's position. The deadline is March 21 to file.

NAYA's a good group - but the City's also looking to get NAYA's ok for the City's West Hayden Island annexation scheme for the Port of Portland.

Is this the pattern?
The city USES good groups in clever ways so as to endorse city agenda?

Sometimes all it takes is a dominant person or two to get into these groups to sway an OK! This is why in my opinion eyes must be on organizations throughout our city as to who has been implemented to make various decisions.

You can start with the "Neighborhood Associations."

NAYA has a low cost medical clinic. They refuse service to whites

Anytime you bring Carole Smith into the conversation in a negative light, you remind me of John Canzano. Do your homework before torching her.

Pps needs someone on the school board who stands for taxpayers which there is not one person on the present pps school board who cares one bit about taxpayers.

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