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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rape of West Hayden Island: Dead links, dead birds

The shameful promotion of a worthless Port of Portland shipping terminal that will pave over wildlife habitat on West Hayden Island continues next week with yet another City of Portland "planning" confab:

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) forwarded a packet of material to the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) for their March 26th work session. This session will be held from 2-5 p.m. (note new time) at the 1900 SW 4th Ave building, 2500A. Materials in the packet include: 1) responses to PSC questions on the topics of economics, finance, and recreation, 2) technical reviewer comments and 3) supplemental letters and memos. The packet is available for public review here. BPS will provide a second memo that ties together project and mitigation costs at this same link in the next few days.

The links got us nada. Which pretty much sums up the public involvement aspect of this stinker from the very beginning.

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Good Morning to all you Occupy Wall Street 99%'s! Last year, when you were chasing the supposed 1% Boogie Man, right under your own nose here in Portland, local scum bags are running rough shot over the local folks.
I would give you so much more support your cause if you would stop smashing windows at Starbucks or spray painting ATM's at Wells Fargo, and gather your support to focus on local issues.
Hayden Island... 1%'s killing wildlife habitats to line their pockets.
CRoC Bridge... look at all the 1%'s getting fat and rich off this scam.
The total mismanagement of Tri-Met... 1%'s getting rich over fat construction contract's and land grabs via the Light Rail scam, all the while the low income folks that depend on good quality Rubber Tire Bus Service are being screwed over.
Man, if you should up with your motley crew of anarchist's and did a take over of the PDC office or rabble roused a Tri-Met board meeting or did a sit in at the Clakistani border on Tacoma Street to stop the Milwaukee line from going forward, I would be the first person to be down and help out in the soup kitchen.
If you want to make a difference and stop the 1%'s, just like sustainable farming, GO LOCAL!

At least the Chinese know they are living under an Elitist Communist system.

Sorry for the broken link, staff is trying to sort it out, but meanwhile they have placed the documents at an alternate location:


Perhaps Mr. McDonald would be kind enough to write a paraphrase of "Where Have All the Flowers Gone". I don't have the talent, but the first line could be "Where has all the wildlife gone".

How green we are?
I happened to see this a few days ago.
An interesting read, only an excerpt below.


Well, it’s a mix of heavy propaganda, global trade policy, partial truths, misunderstood local and national history (overcelebration of historic victories plus an underappreciation of the lack of imagination, ineffectiveness, and simple corruption of the establishment), old political power (financiers and developers), and willful ignorance. When you throw it all together, you get a frustratingly hypocritical ball of mess that I have taken to calling Brand Portland.

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