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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Power lost for cooling water in Fuku nuke waste pools

There hadn't been any movement of water in the pools for more than 15 hours, and the geniuses at Tokyo Electric couldn't seem to figure out what was wrong. At last report, power to the pools had been partially restored, but one shudders to think what will happen at Fukushima if another giant earthquake hits.

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There once was a town called Fukushima....
Where nuke plants made power pen ultima....
Till one day an earthquake
Did rattle and shake
And the nuke plants destroyed ....
Well you all get the idea.

'Shuddering' knee-buckling gut-wrenching mind-trauma thought
is NOT pending ... IF nature burps disaster, again.

IT ALREADY DID! Fergawdsakes: FUKUSHIMA! Non-discussion is dereliction. Media people should be hanged. or pummeled. or fired, their choice. And gone, replaced with discussion of the MOST. IMPORT. Issue.

In place. In fact. In the air, in the ocean, lethal radiation.

Never mind 'IF' adding disaster.
BillionS -- with a 'B' and plural 'S' -- of souls have and do and will wrongly DIE, biological obliteration, ALREADY caused in sociopathic false representation of 'nuclear power' and 'safety for 1000s of years,' self-inflicted by ostrich manners instead of confrontations on behalf of humankind forcing political power-exercise to deal with truth.

What, are 'adults' these days afraid? or ashamed? to tell 'their' under-20somethings, educate 'their' youngsters that past geopolitical abuse means soon death of civilization ... and them? IF we'all don't sacrifice our lives to repair the damage already caused.

Idle 'what if' thoughts are more sedating than thoughts of 'fact is' truly it happened.
Don't do the crime against humanity if you can't live any time without it.

'What if' a teeny tiny two-foot asteroid hits a nuke power plant?

...watch FRONTLINE’s Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown, which re-airs tonight on many PBS stations [-- on OPB @10pm tonight --]. Hear the story of what it was like for those workers on March 11, 2011 in their own words. As one of the employees, who gave his name as Ono, told FRONTLINE, “We knew that the huge tsunami was coming, but we still could not guess what kind of devastation would be caused by it afterwards.”

He added: “Something beyond the scope of our assumptions occurred.”

You can also watch the full film online, anytime.

From FRONTLINE's "For Fukushima Workers, Cancer Isn’t the Only Health Threat" (March 19, 2013)

Re: Tenskwatawa: There is a reason I chose not to father children - I was a 'downwinder' from Hanford. Now we've had Chernobyl (a horror with aftereffects so horrible as to be unimaginable). Now it is Fukushima, a horror becoming known. The death ray exists. It is known as nuclear power.

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