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Monday, March 25, 2013

Please don't send money

A couple of readers have sent us $35 checks to help finance our current court action against the City of Portland over the unconstitutionality of the head tax for the arts. We appreciate the support but are sending the checks back. We are representing ourself and only ourself in the case, and we will handle our own costs.

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Or they're paying their arts tax by supporting law as performance art directly, cutting the City out of its rakeoff for being the middleman.

I think an appropriate step people who oppose this can take is to donate that $35 directly to an art program in a school, getting a reciept.
When they eventually get around to harassing you just show them the reciept and tell them you gave at the ofice.

CoP Arts class, Papermaking 101 - Instructor: Char-Lie Hales

Mayor Hales will ask Portland Revenue Bureau to examine new arts tax

I know there's not a lot of time remaining before the site becomes inactive, but I hope that Jack will let us know of any: 1) website, 2) petition, 3) hearings that might be either active or in the works regarding this court action. Even if someone else has to post it.

I'm just now reading that it was Jack doing the suing.

Somehow I always knew.

Dear Jack-I'm heartbroken to have discovered your blog and after April 5 will no longer have it. Is there any way that you will be able to keep us informed about your fight against the "Arts Tax"? We know it won't be printed in the Oregonian nor will we hear about it on the news stations.

We won't hear about from the O until after The NW Examiner, The Trib, a TV station, WW, and The Mercury report it. The O will get around to it, eventually.

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