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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pick up a pound of Beaver burger?

It may come to that pretty soon.

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I guess as long as I KNEW it was beaver or duck meat. They'd better not try to slip in any horse meat -a la Ikea and Taco Bell.

Nutria Burgers. A plentiful close cousin that just sounds like it should do a body good.

With a name like NUTRIABurger, it's got to be good.

Ok, that is hilarious.

With a side of anal glands....


UNike fans will continue to feast on filet of sole.

Jokes aside, it's a not a bad idea. And considering the wealth of locally grown/raised foods in Oregon, enterprising minds could certainly develop a large line of UO/OSU branded foodie-friendly items for sale.

In Wisconsin it's ice cream and they've been selling it for 90 years.

Don't laugh....well...do laugh. Back in the early 60s when the Nutria felt market here in Oregon went bust and many Nutria escaped (let out) into all the waterways and swales of the Willamette valley, Nutria was served at dinner tables.

I remember how some said it tasted like rabbit or chicken. It didn't. Nutria was another idea from OSU to bring prosperity to Oregon-they weren't native.

many Nutria escaped (let out) into all the waterways and swales of the Willamette valley

That sounds like a big government contract just waiting to get in on. Trap and kill nutria for $250 per carcass to "promote environmental biodiversity and eradiate non-native species"

lw--where do you get your information that nutria was promoted by OSU? Your timeline for introduction seems off by a decade or two as well. Thought it was the 1940's.

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