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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One more reason to loathe the Portland school board

Now the Bobbie-heads are pushing fluoride in the water. Given how they've screwed up what used to be a halfway decent school system, you'd think they'd try to stick to the knitting. But no.

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Last evening at our Neighborhood association meeting there was a very articulate woman from the opposing group. She gave a nice presentation pointing out the flaws in the plan to include the fact low income children can get fluoride for free already.
At school...

So children already get this at school?

This makes no sense then to push fluoride based on
low income children being the issue?
What/Who is really behind this?

Are people blind to the fact that this would be medicating our entire community, fluoride not only in our drinking water, but in our environment, soil in gardens,
run off in rivers,?
Did these people on the school board look at the science and what this product is?
They must have heard by now that this is not even a pharmaceutical grade? Haven't they read the toothpaste warning not to swallow? They can claim minute amounts OK, however this is apparently accumulative.
Why all this emphasis on only the "teeth"
There is a whole other body here to consider.

One thing you can be sure of, public service bodies in Portland don't have much to do with providing services to the public anymore.

It isn't about service. It's about power.

My understanding from PSU and PPS is that only 8-10% of the metro population would be the target group ages 3-13.

Why is it that City Hall sees an overwhelming public crisis and so benefit in this if 90%+ are not benefiting?

Why aren't they talking about adding lithium to the water supply? And why stop there? There are all kinds of things that could be added.


Note: I'm not being serious, just trying to make a point.


What/Who is really behind this?


Public officials are essentially acting like the Church. They decide based on superstition and power motivations. Science and logic be damned!

If you disagree, you are an ignorant sinner and should be punished. Have we progressed at all since the 13th century?

I say definitely not.

Thank you for the link.
I found these pictures of fluorosis on that link.
I do not understand why all these organizations are signing on to this, including the school board now. It appears they don't care if this fluoride is not a pharmaceutical grade. Why would all these organizations put on the shelf the very important issue that has so many of us concerned, that this is endorsing medicating our community and that they essentially don't care about people having a choice. Oh yes, there is the vote. Wonder how that will work out when the industry will pour enormous amounts of money in promoting this?


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