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Monday, March 25, 2013

My shirt's too sexy for me

Little Lord Paulson's women's soccer team stepped in the bucket with a new T-shirt that it was selling. The message was too suggestive, or sexist, or something, for some tastes. But compared to the organized chants by the foul-mouthed drunks at the men's team's games, it was tame indeed.

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I'm offended they were offended. Who do I complain to?

Wow looks like the hipsters and Emo Mans are a bit thin skinned. I think it was a clever idea.
I also like the Vikings shirt. Go Viks!

Those "foul mouthed drunks" are putting in a soccer field at New Columbia community, have raised 10s of thousands for Harper's Playground, and have regular community outreach programs from blood drives to fundraisers for local soccer clubs, envelope stuffing and book shelving parties, etc.


But why learn about a group of people when you can come up with a pithy expression that feels *so* good to type?

No worse than "Got Beaver" as sold in the OSU bookstore.

I always liked this bumper sticker from my college days in South Carolina.

Female futbol hooligans? Who knew?

And I'm still waiting for the Timbers to go 'mammary glands topmost'.

But why learn about a group of people

I've been to the game, and that taught me all I need to know about the overgrown little boys in their Euro poses. "Foul-mouthed drunks" falls far short of what I'd call them off the record.

What do we call people like this? What's the word for them? Up tight? Curmudgeon? Puckered?

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