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Friday, March 15, 2013

Must be nice

$2.7 million for this? It's lovely and all, but whoa.

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Tsunami fodder, too.

Is that former PBOT Director Tom Miller's "free cottage" at the beach, courtesy of which developer was that??

That's the asking price. Get back to me with a new figure if it's sold.

It said "sale pending". BIG dollars

It does have a kitchen by Zaik, don't you know.

I'd be curious of the tax assessed value, $11K a year seems cheap for a $2.6M house.

Somebody musta died and the heirs want the cash.
That stove could use some work.

TAXES: $16,313.52

No matter who owns it that is a rip off

Why should anyone pay that kind of punitive tax?

Does it come with an erosion warranty? (Check out the rip rap.) I wonder how big the yard was in 1913.

According to public records, 140 N. Laurel St, Cannon Beach OR 97110 is owned by Converse Goodman Darcey, 202 Lake Washington Blvd, Seattle WA 98122; Tax Amount is $11,814.66. The listing agent has an Active license as of 9/2011 in the State of Oregon. A pending sale was recorded 3/12/2013.

Someday a tsunami or a major storm will take out the property seaside. We the people, in the form of the federal government, will pay many times the already elevated property value to restore the land and building. It's a wonderful world!

Best beach property north of Malibu. It'd be worth twice as much if it were up dated.

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