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Friday, March 29, 2013

More "green" hypocrisy from Portland City Hall

Now the parks department is hanging price tags on trees. We didn't see them out there on Lincoln Street when Tri-Met was devastating the urban forest for the Mystery Train to Milwaukie. The city gladly went along with that move. Maybe it was because Legend Dan Saltzman's nearby real estate empire gets a big boost from the pointless rail project. Anyway, it's more expensive p.r. from the many bureaucratic minions of Nick "Spineless Jelly" Fish. We need that guy back in a law firm filling out timesheets.

Comments (3)

Howzabout we hang a price tag on the mayor and each of the of the council members? "The price tags list the value each provides the community." If all we're getting from them is"$20,000 worth of environmental & aesthetic benefits" then hang them each from a tree, in 5 parks to be selected from around town.

"I think it'll raise questions," said spokesman Mark Ross. "The idea is that they'll be curious and we'll provide answers."

Yeah...it'll raise questions....most we should have raised some time ago.

Sounds like the beginning of the justification of the fines one will get if they remove "their" trees on "their" property. Instead of encouraging people to plant trees because of their value, the tide has turned to assume communal value in spite of the legal ownership. What you can't take by force or law, you do by regulation and propaganda. These price tags are the propaganda.

These tags must be one of the City's new core services.

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