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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Loud party at the neighbors'

And we do mean a loud party.

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That's just great!

There is quite the population over there. All in good fun.

2013 Mar 31 Sunday 22:40 U (10:40 PM PT)

I wish I could send the file to the Dunthorpe Druid Denzian that choose to populate his "pond" with them 30 years ago.

But alas being part of the inner technical circle of the Portland Metro Transit Industrial Complex he is above inspection.

The frogs make about the same level of noise on the Clackamas County segment of Terwilliger Blvd as a certain professor making a speed emergency run to the Safeway wine shop in Lake Oswego. Especially when streetcars block his way on Broadway / Weilder Street couplet to NE Portland and he forgot his LO passport.

Thank you a thousand times over for your blog site Jack. Just read the Willamette Week site lamenting your upcoming hiatus.

I will sorely miss your pointed provocative insights on environmental druids, planners, and anointed ones at Metro et al. Especially when they practice or insist upon "Portland Politeness" while practicing "elite civility".


Hypnotoads! Don't look at the eyes!
(Although that would explain a lot.)

I've had these little guys in my yard for years.

You can hear them migrate through the yard night to night, but they are a bugger to find.

They will at times crawl inside a cavity that amplifies their call. Just a fantastic thing to listen to.

awesome pic...love those froggies!

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