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Friday, March 29, 2013

Lonely at the top

Here are the first-day standings in our second-chance March Madness bracket game. That's us down there tied for 17th and doomed already:

Good luck to all of our players going into the last of the Sweet 16.

Comments (3)

Aaargh, my champion lost on the first day! Is there a third chance tournament in the works?

To be honest, I just threw darts at the wall. When play powerball I'm lucky if I can pick one correct number. Jack, I enjoy your blog and will MISS it.

My biggest regret is not picking Syracuse to be in the final four. As a guy that grew up in upstate New York in Utica, both my family and I had plans to attend that great school after high school. That plan went south after we moved to San Francisco in 1960.

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