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Friday, March 1, 2013

Linchpin lost

When Neil Goldschmidt and the OHSU gang were selling Portland taxpayers the aerial tram [rim shot], we were told that it and the hot new biotech center that the med school was going to build in the SoWhat District would bring thousands of new jobs to the area. As we recall, the number 10,000 was being tossed around.

Well, here we are a deacde later, and golly, OHSU isn't hiring:

Officials say OHSU will lose more than $30 million this year from automatic federal budget cuts that begin taking effect Friday, much of it from reduced research funding.

They say a $20 million increase in public employee pension costs also is squeezing OHSU’s $2 billion budget.

Like all "hiring freezes," this one will have exceptions -- it will have to. But it's interesting that the people who promise taxpayers jobs in order to get what they want, sing a much different tune once they get it.

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I hear they are hiring at their BioTech center in Florida.

(Gomer Pyle voice): Surprahz, surprahz!

Yeah, and a-MAY-zingly, there's no mechanism to take back the money once these slimeballs renege on their side of the agreement.

While Neil may have promoted the SoWhat district, the tram is solely owned by Sam the Tram Scammer. It was his signature project as the PDOT czar before becomming the elected liar-mayor. A cheaper system was already ready - a dedicated bus line "loop" ... which required no new infrastructure investment. But, Sam took a boondoggle to Switzerland, got sold on the tram (New York has one after all) and then he took Portlanders for a ride.

Sam needs to be indicted.

It would be interesting to see an outside forensic audit of SoWhat to see if/how the 12 Agreements of "The Plan" were followed. Many of the Agreements were with Homer/Dike, Gerding/Edlen and OHSU. I know of at least 3 noncompliances that involves $Millions.

Sooo funny (not). We were told the same thing to get the streetcar to Lake O built. Thousands of jobs in the bio-tech center and on Pill Hill along with the glitzy pictures of the dream vision. (Homer &Dyke are behind the LO development too). But though we have successfully fought our battle against a streetcar for now, Metro (Carlotta Colette) says we are going to get one whether we want it or not. May not be in that location, who knows, but it seems Metro does not want to leave any place unsoiled. The "jobs" dream is just a lie for the dummy taxpayers to reach into their pockets. Who in Metro is making money off these build-outs? Their time is up.

Just try getting around on the South Waterfront around rush-hour, partially built out as it is. Not a place I want to visit. One lane of travel, with bikes and streetcars weaving around like stuntmen in a Chinese circus. Ridiculous.

Good news: the Federal jail down there is coming along nicely. Maybe the ICE cops will buy the occasional doughnut when they peel out in their V8 Suburbans.

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