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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Legislature goes all Seinfeld on PERS

It's a show about nothing: Cutbacks to cost-of-living increases, which stand a good chance of being struck down by the courts; and simply not funding the pensions for a while, which will only make the funding crisis worse. Then there are supposed to be some mystery tax increases, brought to you by the Chuck Shakeitoff types -- just what the Oregon economy needs. But not for Nike, of course.

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"simply not funding the pensions for a while"

Sorry, that's my nominee for the stupidest idea to come out of the Legislature this year - Especially when its going deeper in the hole by the year.

Lets just keep screwing today's kids over.

I have this theory that Democrats are too stupid to understand basic math. People tell me that I'm wrong, but I keep seeing stories like this which prove my point.

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