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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Know when to fold 'em

Far be it from us to criticize too easily those who avail themselves of the court system to prove a point. But with all due respect, this seems like a clear case of not knowing when to quit.

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And along that line, Jack, I went from there to the WW article about your lawsuit in Oregon Tax Court. Although I try to avoid comments sections on news sites, I had to see how much Portland Polite was running amok over there. I swear, if a few of the commenters got any more butthurt over their not being allowed to spout whatever came to their empty little heads, they'd have to change their names to "Goatse".

Almost makes the birther movement seem rational.

Move along people. Nothing to see here.

Isn’t the integrity of our elections important enough to be persistent?
Woolley was concerned also about precedent being set.

Kate Brown held this Complaint on her desk until after the election.
I read the Complaint and do not think the allegations such as these five ought to be shoved under the rug or not clearly investigated. Troubling also that I do not believe such a pass would have given to anyone else, only to “certain ones.”

Of course, I appreciate persistence in others; it is far easier to just give up.
As I recall Hales called this ridiculous, sure he would.
I suggest all read the Complaint then see what you think of these allegations.

Yes, the whole affair would just be easier to forget it, we'll see how everyone feels about that as Hales sitting in that Mayoral position moves forward with the agenda, in my opinion, most likely he must as those who rule gave him a pass.

Hooray for persistance. This BS has to end eventually--maybe this is the start.

And once again or is it still? Brown demonstrates she is in over her head. Who is pulling her string, Goldy ? Stinking muppets.

I axe one more time, tax felon or voter felon possibly both?

Why would I give up? This costs me essentially nothing but some filing fees. Lots of lawyers came out of the woodwork anonymously with offers to help out. Picking one to argue the case orally (I'd rather not do that myself) is probably going to be one of the harder challenges.

As clinamen says, it IS a terrible precedent.

It's also fun. More people should try it.

My question is, who's going to throw their hat in for the upcoming special election to replace Hales?

You have to admit, the last election had a large dissatisfaction quotient in those write-ins. They knew the write-ins were meaningless and had a chance to pick between the only two that counted, but they chose to express their discontent anyways. For the number of people who tell me they have to vote for the lesser of two evils, that's a huge vote of no confidence.

Also, as the one who filed a timely complaint initially, I've got the most legal standing to continue this challenge. I'm also doing it for all the others who say it's great that somebody is saying enough is enough. Maybe I'm in an echo chamber, but I only hear words of encouragement ... at levels that approach being in elementary school again. Can that much approval be that bad?

We have a lot of really smart and genuine people out there that are afraid to run or will be afraid to run because of corrupt election processes and deceptive negative campaigning from the circle of Winning Mark and the Democratic Party insider network that completely dominates this town, and Salem too.

Hales, to me, represents that corruption -- the idea that it really doesn't matter that you've followed the rules, you're entitled to whatever you want because you've got connections and powerful interests are content (and in some case quite happy) working with you.

Really that makes me sick to my stomach, and that I'm doing something about it makes that feeling go away so I can sleep at night.

Somebody suggested now that I've actually spent some money on this, I should setup a donation page: http://swoolley.org/files/hales_donation.html


Your persistence is to be commended. Truth is always worth seeking, even if Kate Brown does not know its definition.

David: Almost makes the birther movement seem rational.
Mike: Seeking truth is ALWAYS rational.

Big differences exist between birthers and this subject.

Hales' own submitted documents and publicly recorded filings show the problem in black and white. The question of whether or not something is wrong here isn't based on the facts, as the basic ones are not in dispute, so much as points of law -- can you contradict to two state agencies and/or in this case could he contradict to two state agencies with any supposed loopholes?

Facts may come into play in determining which is his real residence, which is another step that needs to be taken, and so far the supposed "fact finders" have refused to actually perform a real investigation that case law says should happen. That in itself is a point of law, and it's why I can appeal it and expect to win.

In Obama's case, all the public records back Obama's story, and in any case it doesn't matter due to citizenship being two ways, birth location and by blood, particularly his mother's side, which shouldn't be in dispute.

I don't even understand Jack saying fold 'em or why this issue is being debated. Is Hales above the law? Haven't we all had enough of the insiders club? Thank you Seth for not giving up!

Thank you for your response.
I hope the community will respond to your efforts.

Huge vote of no confidence is right.
Mayor Write-in votes - 19,966
Mayor Under votes - 38,051

I believe people are tired of the same old formula in this city
where only the "insider" candidates are paraded as viable before the public.

Continuing to proclaim to the world that Hales is a lying sack is definitely appropriate. In contrast, bringing a weak lawsuit against Kate Brown is going nowhere, and it alienates people.

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