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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gangsters killing prosecutors in Texas

This news is extremely alarming. And it reminds us more than a little of the Nancy Bergeson case here in Portland. It used to be that the lawyers would be left alone so long as they didn't try to play both sides. Nowadays, the killers are much more vicious.

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Sad times are coming. Where did my country go?

With anarchy in the rise, the gun control lobby is facing a steep slope.

You're not kidding about the gun control lobby facing a steep slope. These types of killings play right into the hands of the NRA and gun proponents.

These types of killings play right into the hands of the NRA and gun proponents.

So the NRA would like you to believe. One might note that the "good guy with a gun" was no match for a bad guy with an assault rifle.

Every day, we see our nation descending into the same criminal violence, drug running controlled/government bribery corruption abyss as Ciudad Juarerz and Chicago.

Yet we continue trying our best to emulate the failed social and financial experiments of Southern Europe.

Looks like we're becoming thunderdome.


Nice to see a voice of reason responding to the media view that "OMG, every time we put something on the news, something must be done!" The voice of reason, Scott Burns the head of the National DA Assn. With 40,000 DA's in the US, there have been 13 killed in the line of duty the last 30 years.

I am sure it is statistically safer to be a DA than a divorce attorney, or pretty much any other job in the USA.

As for the "we must do whatever it takes to make the kiddies safe, even if it means burning the constitution" folks, apparently that does not include paying enough taxes for Portland Police to continue to police the schools.


We are living in the "good old days" right now and we don't even know it. For the whole history of the nation, we are in the second safest time period ever. More guns than ever, less crime than ever. Who is profiting from the fear? Some blame the firearms industry and there is probably some blame there to be had. More objective observers identify the media and those in political power who use fear to push agendas. Especially those politicos who own media empires.

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