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Monday, March 18, 2013

From Matt Wuerker

Copyright 2013 by Matt Wuerker. Used by permission.

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I'm sure there many well meaning folks who might get into that office and change their point of view following a national security (scare) briefing. Glad I'll never have to make those calls.

From some reports the current occupant of the office doesn't bother taking his daily national security briefing all that often..

He just doesn't need them read (and explained) to him the way G.W. did.

Ex-Bartender must be on the Obama dole!

The "protesters" in the cartoon appear to be journalists. Obama knows exactly what he is doing - it's just that his needs come first.

You bet! I am currently writing this on my smart Obamaphone as I sit on the sunny beaches of Waikiki - a trip paid for with my food stamps! I just dropped a bundle at the casino after withdrawing my welfare benefits there and next, I'm heading over to the tattoo parlor! Yay Obama!

Jeebus. As Wuerker has literally illustrated, there are a lot of things for which to legitimately criticize Obama. But you Faux News fans and Breitbots are too busy continually spouting the lazy black man meme.

The dude is another cookie-cutter clone hand-raised for potential future use. He got his chance because the Elites want to move the chessboard into Africa.

There is nothing in Obama's resume that suggests he was presidential material. Similar to Bill Clinton, who also came out of nowhere, he plays the Liberal card to keep the game going. And also like Clinton, he's the designated stand-in until the next Bush comes along.

Wow.. thought Matt did a good job on this one.

Ex Bartender such hatred. Too close for home?

Somebody just esplain it to me how is Dick Cheney still controling these high gas prices? Obama must be working with that evil Haliburton! Those bastards.

Can't the Senator from NY (Wyden) hold some hearings or sumptin?

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