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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Food, glorious food

They've opened a new grocery store at 122nd and Division -- a Grocery Outlet, where an Albertson's used to be. It's a great thing for the neighbors, but this version of the story turns it into a commercial for Portland City Hall's "food desert" hype. It's not at all clear that the city government had anything to do with the new store, and if it were Wal-Mart trying to open there, you can bet the party line would be much, much different.

The TV reporter also says that it's a mile and a half from the new store to the nearest Safeway, but according to one of our readers, it's only 0.6 miles. This map appears to corroborate that.

Anyway, hurray for the store and the nearby residents, but please, can we leave Nurse Amanda out of it?

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They probably meant "dessert".

KGW is probably just echoing another calculated (or erroneous) press release.

Egg on them for not checking the facts first.

Everything is 3x farther here on the Idaho side of I-205.

Goody two shoes social engineering by itself is opprobrious enough, but in the modern era it also masquerades as Breaking News, light on the facts. And the media is clueless about why readership/viewership is cratering.

I'm glad I clicked that first link, I read the story about o.j. Simpson throwing a Super Bowl party in prison,pretty funny...

Dear CoP,

I live in the food desert known as Gateway. Despite having 2 Wincos, a Freddy's, a Safeway, at least 1 Asian grocery and 1 Hispanic grocery and 2 "global" groceries, we have no Trader Joes.

Please put TJ's on the list of grant recipients so we can have access to all that great cheese and chocolate, not to mention Two Buck Chuck.

Oh, and maybe you could throw in a few sidewalks and crosswalks so we can get there safely, while you're at it. If you have money left over.

Facts in local news reporting ?
Shirley you jest...

There is a GO near where I live. Some of us refer to it as "the used food store". Sometimes they have some good deals, but mostly the stock seems to be very close to expiry date stuff...next stop the food bank...and not much if any less expensive than at the big box stores.
"Buyer beware" is the watch word for the GO, IMO.
And not exactly a neighborhood market. The GO is a big company based in CA, I believe.

Funny how they glossed over the fact that the Albertson's isn't there anymore due to a lack of demand.

The one size fits all approach the city is taking is absolutely ridiculous. Concepts like "20 minute neighborhoods" and bike infrastructure are ill fits for outer SE Portland. If they stood outside a grocery store in outer SE for 15 minutes they'd notice that 99.9% of the groceries get loaded into a car, so 0.6 miles between grocery stores is inconsequential.

Want to make people in outer SE happy? Pave some streets, time the lights to help (rather than hinder) traffic, put in some sidewalks and quit taking away well-traveled lanes of traffic to put in bike lanes that nobody uses. The only "deserts" we have in outer SE are the bike deserts lining roads like Holgate and 122nd that never get used.

Portland Native-- that's what Grocery Outlet is all about. Formerly Canned Food Outlet, the home of Dented Moore stew. It's a franchise too.

Concepts like "20 minute neighborhoods" and bike infrastructure are ill fits for outer SE Portland.

That's only because the neighborhood hasn't yet received its "revisioning" for vibrancy. I'm certain that's in the works.

I know family and friends in the Outer SE.
The "vibrancy" visioning may be a more difficult sell out there
as many have a healthy mistrust of the city with reason.

Kudos Michelle,
I also live in Gateway and what you say about sidewalks and crosswalks is absolutely true. To (semi)safely cross Glisan between 102nd and 122nd I have to go to 102nd or 122nd. There is one crosswalk in that dragstrip at about 119th, poorly marked, paint worn out,etc. 113th is a popular way to get from Burnside to Glisan. But there is no traffic control at 113 & Glisan. This has resulted in numerous vehicular crashes at that intersection every year. I really can't blame most of the drivers on that section of Glisan. There is nearly a mile of uncontrolled 35 MPH road, and few side streets.
I have never seen anyone attempt to cross Glisan at 113th on foot. Apparently that form of suicide is not popular.
So, thanks Sam the tram man for ignoring us out here in the third world Portland.

'Funny how they glossed over the fact that the Albertson's isn't there anymore due to a lack of demand.'

Actually, the Albertson's is gone because they got tired of getting ripped off all the time. Shoplifting was rampant there and Al's just got tired of it and closed. Once upon a time that was a nice middle class neighborhood with large yards for the family with kids....then the city that sucks started their 2500sf flag lot program, infilled all the neighborhoods and the families that owned left. My parents bought their house there in 1969 from my grandma. She had lived there for 15 or 20 years prior to that. Now were all gone. The neighborhood has gone downhill and it shows. But it isn't a food desert. There is a Safeway at 122 & Powell that has been there for years and as far as I know it is still going strong.

Don't dis my Grocery Outlet! Food is darn expensive and lowering a family's food cost while still getting quality and nutrition is important for many families here in Portland.

I love Grocery Outlet. Yes, because food is perishable, rotation and inventory management are all parts of the business of selling food. Grocery Outlet is a company that sells excess food fast - so it doesn't end up being thrown away. That's a good thing, right? And they are the best at it.

Back in the 90's I used to run a growing brand of perishable/fresh food based in the Bay Area but distributed all along the west coast. We used canned food outlet to sell our product that was still of good quality and the expiration dates had days to go but we had fresher stuff on the trucks coming to us from the plant. We needed to make room for the new dates. This helped us to keep the longest date products at stores and avoid out of because we weren't needing to cut inventory stocks to the bare bone. Occasionally we would have a batch with crooked labels...Canned Food Outlet would at least give us 25% cost and the food (which was not affected by a crooked label) would be consumed not dumped.

At my Hollywood Grocery Outlet I find amazing food and wine bargains and yes, I check the dates! Most have 6 months plus on them. I personally don't buy meats there (except Hebrew National's all-beef Dogs) and their beer prices stink (but they have scores of microbrews) but you will find occasional fruits and berries that are amazing. I can get big tubs of fancy Mesclun, Endive, Mâché, Radicchio and other baby fancy lettuces for a couple of bucks. Breyer's Ice Cream 1.99 vs. 4.99. Last time I was there: Kettle chips, Tropicana Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Tillamook Cheeses, imported pastas and cheeses. We can eat like princes for the price of paupers.

They have lots of organics and natural foods - many of the same brands you see at Fred Meyers. I buy Organic "Great Seed" bread by Frantz Bakery for 1.99 per loaf vs. 3,69 at Fred Meyer. With 2 kids we blaze through a loaf every 3-4 days and the expiration date still has a 10 days at that points

The corporate head is in Berkeley and they are known for carrying no debt and paying the manufacturers fast. Each store is locally owned and operated: Dave and Jill are the owner's of the Hollywood and Gresham stores and I've talked to them working at their store - they are good folks and very active in their community.

Food is expensive - who doesn't like a bargain?

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