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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fix is apparently in on Washington side of CRoCk

Here's the year's biggest breaking news so far for Portlandia, and it's out of Olympia: The new state transportation chief of Washington State is ordering a "review" of the I-5 Interstate Bridge replacement project. But you won't believe this: They're putting a guy from the dreaded CH2M Hill in charge:

Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson said Thursday the review would be led by a program manager for the CH2M Hill engineering company, Ron Paananen. He's the former Transportation Department project director for the Seattle tunnel project.

By the end of September, he's expected to recommend ways to clarify lines of decision-making, resolve disputes and hold down costs.

CH2M is not-so-secret code for "full steam ahead -- worthless pork." The light rail goons on the Oregon side must be dancing up a storm. They win. What a disgrace.

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By the end of September.... -- synchs up nicely with the federal appropriations fiscal new year, doesn't it? Tally ho!

I still think the Feds are quietly "encouraging" this.

We need names of every elected official who voted yes on this, apparently more interested in their career than how we are indebted to pay for this.

This is just the latest chapter from the CRC Message Massagers, in what Noam Chomsky calls the "Manufacture of Consent". How can the former program director for one of the reviewed mega-projects give an impartial review? The pile of flawed CRC reports is about to impinge PDX's landing corridor.

The one good thing about this assignment is that the CH2M guy can consider whether using the Alaska Way World's Biggest Boring Machine for a two bore tunnel at CRC will solve river clearance and air space problems.

So it goes.

Hey it's not just the light rail guys-this boondoggle has the construction unions and the highway builders in on it, too. It's the perfect storm of people really good at wasting our money.

On the plus side, the full employment act for bridge consultants and paid meeting attenders from govt seems to be going swimmingly.

Please, they realize that as long as they keep studying this and NOT building it that they may have a life annuity as consultants. Heck, we've blown this much so far and we don't even have a workable plan yet.

We're screwed - Again.

It's full steam ahead on the Southwest corridor too.

This committee will make sure of it.

Their latest discussion is nauseating.

"Mr. Neil McFarlane, TriMet, reported that TriMet, partnering with many of the SW Corridor communities, submitted Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
applications to ODOT for improvements along Barbur Boulevard and 99W. He expressed his enthusiasm for working together to implement practical improvements to the corridor"

"Mr. McFarlane replied that regional investment arrives when local jurisdictions advocate for projects they believe are important. He believed the region has been successful at
finding funding for light rail and transit options because local jurisdictions support those solutions."


To: Washington State Residents
From: Clackamas County Residents
Re: Former Clackamas County Commissioner Lynn Petersen

hehe, you ain't seen nothin yet.

The only hope is the Coast Guard will nix the project because of the bridge height.
Maybe the USCG is on on the payroll???...hope?

Oops...should read "not on the payroll"

Earl the Pearl is no doubt twisting Popeye's arm.

Lynn Peterson, the gift that keeps on giving. In LO we thought we were done with her when she went to the county where she made even bigger problems. Then she went tot estate and we thought, Great! She's out of our hair! Then finally to WA where we assumed she was someone else's problem. Wrong on all counts. She just can't go away.

CHM2 Hill:

(Coruption, Hypocracy, Mismanagement, 2 cozy)

A good example of the stewardship these crooked insiders give us:

They recently paid $18.5 Million to resolve criminal and civil allegations stemming from fraudulent overtime billing at Hanford

We no longer have a government run by the rule of constitutional law. We have a government run by corporate gangsters.

You bet they're dancing up a storm. By imposing tolls on all bridges in the Portland area and doing nothing to improve congestion, fewer and fewer people will be able to afford to commute to their jobs on the other side and many will simply not bother crossing for any reason at all or will do so rarely, causing cross-state social and family relationships to suffer. Employers will either leave the area or their employees will have to move to Oregon. This will also increase both Oregon income tax revenues and demand on the "worker's housing" currently being constructed to replace our historic neighborhoods. The federal highways will wind up with less traffic and freight will move faster throughout the area. The big trucking companies will be able to pre-purchase toll permits, small trucking companies might not be able to afford it and will go out of business leaving only the big guys. We will probably not see traditional toll booths, but more likely some online setup that works in conjunction the mandated GPS tracking that's also in the works.

Forced behavior modification isn't possible when people are free to leave and the Columbia River serves as an excellent barricade to free travel. We can start referring to the new bridge as "Checkpoint Charlie".

Mr. Grumpy:

Perhaps a slight improvement?

CrocPoint Charlie

I hope the CRoCK has entered into the required agreement with the feds to actually toll the bridge and allow the FHWA to conduct the audit annually.


I've stopped believing in the myth from my childhood that the feds are there to keep things on the up-and-up. The Obama administration has stepped over the line more than any other administration in memory. Liberals and conservatives are equally alarmed.

I forgot to thank WaCounty News for the excellent link! Well written, timely, with perfectly awful news.

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