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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Farquaad and Le Petit Prince hang out together

For some reason, that's business news.

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I think it is because government is the only growth business in Multnomah county.

And they're about to lay off a bunch if tweeting "managers." Or so they want us to believe.

"both are rising stars in Oregon politics."

Oh god.

BTW - That whole article is throwaway lines. Give me the odds they'll cut one person within the next year.

This is just pathetic. This cub "business" reporter was obviously invited in to this meeting so he could write a sympathetic fluff piece about how hard these to rising stars are working to "cut" their budgets.

He writes: "Cogen is no stranger to budget cuts. He has served through a recession and a half, with revenue plunging and the need for county services constantly growing."


Multnomah County all funds revenue went from about $1.2 billion in 2009 to $1.5 billion in 2013. That took me about 5 minutes to find.

Apparently that's too much work for a reporter no doubt angling for his city or county soft landing as a PR flack.

"Or so they want us to believe."

What Rob Kremer said.


Or so they say...


PS Which one is the Le Petit Prince? The guy with the hook? Which is worse, making fun of somebody who was born without a hand or who was born too short?

How about I just make fun of the Harvard educated dimwhit who still thinks he is always the smartest person in the room?

How smart can one be that won't believe the science/facts on fluoride and thinks it is OK to medicate the entire community through our drinking water with fluoride?

Joking and laughing with the other smart one, Cogen, who has in my opinion let our community down as well on public health issues. Radon is a big big factor here, does Cogen care? He apparently thought the garbage project leaving us with Stenchy was OK too!

Question is do these rising stars really believe they are doing a public service here or are they laughing because they know they have both arrived via the insider game!

Wow, and "Progressives" think the Arlington Club is evil.

Fluoride is the first step in the concept of medicating the community
through it's drinking water.

"Le Petit Prince" ? Hmmm - I like that better than "Napoleon", but perhaps you should find a moniker for Novick that does more than mock him for his modest stature. I am sure he will doing something spectacular soon that will provide ample inspiration for you. Just be patient . . .

Birds of a feather, etc.

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