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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ducks basketball: Worst academic rating in Pac-12

It ain't purty, as the fearless UO Matters blog reports.

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There also the only PAC 12 team at risk of a post season ban. If they don't see a big improvement next year may be their last chance at NIT or NCAA for a couple years

What do grades have to do with winning basketball games?

And we should care ...why?

I just checked my March Madness App. No Stanford.

Check your alumni income app.

It's a good thing Colt Lyerla doesn't play basketball, too.

Hmmmm...not very impressive, however, it's possible that one needs to take into account all the transfers or guys turning pro (Dunigan) when Ernie Kent was fired. Even though the rules try to correct for that, my understanding is that mass transfers play havoc with these academic ratings for years.

Just a few short years ago, Oregon was rated very highly on basketball academics. Also, current Coach Altman had high player academic marks over his career.

See this story:


Who cares what Colt thinks about anything?! When was the last time anybody checked with a football player about ANYTHING? People, get a life; what these people think is IRRELEVENT!

Time for D1 football and basketball to pay the top athletes for their services, and let the vast majority of kids who are actual student/athletes play out from under this shadow.

Guys turning pro or transferring doesn't count against you as long as they were on pace at the time they left. For example if a guy goes pro after he Sophomore year as long as he had completed enough credits to be on pace no penalty

Didn't they build the "Jock Box" academic center so this kind of thing wouldn't happen?

A lot of people were fed up with Ernie Kent, but this is an area in which his teams excelled. I recall his team being pointed at by the NCAA as an example of what was right, academically, with student athletes, when much of the team that was playing had already received their BAs or BSs. But, of course, these days, it is only the Ws and Ls that matter in coaching. Go Ducks, Indeed!

Eric, you are correct I think, however, the issue is that I believe you get dinged for transfers, but also get relief later when players that transferred who were at or just under pace do earn their degree. I believe Oregon had several players who are in that limbo phase. Malcolm Armstead, Jamil Wilson (both of whom are still in the Sweet Sixteen, happy for them) should both be on track to graduate at their current schools this year I believe. So Oregon's APR should definitely improve. Maybe even Matt Humprhey and Martin Siefert will graduate soon too although I can't remember where they are now? As for Michael Dunigan, I don't know what possessed him to turn "pro" and play in Israel but I wish him luck and hopefully he will go back to school too. Bottom line, transfers are not good in general for the academics of players, nor for the academic progress metrics the NCAA applies to schools. All Duck fans (and detractors) should care about this issue, but for now there are some mitigating factors from the Ernie Kent firing fallout. If Oregon still is struggling two years from now, I'll be worried, but UO has an overall good track record the past 10 years and no reason to think it won't be on track soon in reality and in the metrics. Sorry to sound like a shill for UO, I'm just a regular duck fan as is my old man who is a college professor at a different school.

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