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Friday, March 8, 2013

Double Standard of the Week

An alert reader writes to point out an interesting story, and a juxtaposition: When the Portland police pension system screwed up and overpaid some pension recipients and then tried to get the money back, the recipients sued to keep the money. When the federal government overpaid someone and he kept the money, it prosecuted him.

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Yeah, but you gotta admit that, at least on the surface, the Army guy's acts seem more fraudulent and egregious.

That said, I've been bothered a long time by the overwhelming power the feds bring to bear when they target someone for prosecution. It's downright scary. One place you NEVER want to be is in their crosshairs.

Like Aaron Schwarz for example.

Apologies to the Swartz family for my cross-lingual typo.

Some clerk didn't change his status, no one auditing whatever account this guy was being from, no oversight of either one and this guy is the thief because it's his responsibility to tell the government they were making a mistake?

If I screw up my taxes and overpay the amount, can I send the IRS commissioner to prison if it's not caught? No?

Sounds like Amos didn't have a union rep.

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