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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Check Frank Gable's cell

Here's an all-too-familiar tale. At least the cops over there are admitting the obvious.

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They MIGHT want to check the private personnel files on the dead superintendent's laptop first. Any corruption investigation of prison industries or insider drug smuggling would be a higher probability than some 3 time loser inmate.

If in Oregon: "We have no reason to believe this high ranking official was killed because of his position. We are proceeding on the basis of...[insert inane blather...]"

Check Neil G's cell phone log.

He called off the FBI investigation into Francke.

Oh man. Calling off an investigation into the death of a public figure just reeks of corruption. Even if you think it's a waste of resources it should be political suicide. But nope. Nothing to see here.

Federal Public Defender Nancy Bergeson's death here in Portland is probably like Clement's and Francke's deaths. We need some followup, maybe like Benghazi with all quick followup and careful crime scene attention.

We've gotten so used to corruption, that we accept it without a second thought....There's a lesson in there somewhere.

To stay sub rosa this kind of corruption almost always entails considerable air cover from one or more --usually more-- of those with their hands on the levers of power and control. That may be obvious, but it must be overtly acknowledged if anyone is ever going to get to the bottom of it.

Texas shootout might be tied to Colo. slaying
By Angela K. Brown and Nicholas Riccardi | Associated Press – 1 hr 49 mins ago

DECATUR, Texas (AP) — A man who could be linked to the slaying of Colorado's state prison chief is likely to die after being shot by Texas authorities following a harrowing car chase there, authorities said Thursday.

Wise County Sheriff David Walker told an afternoon press conference in Decatur that the man is still unidentified. He said the suspect is "basically legally dead," although he remains hooked to equipment for organ harvesting at a Fort Worth hospital.

Better leave the brain and central nervous system tissues alone, eh?

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