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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another school running radio ads

We complained recently that the Portland public schools have been blowing thousands of tax dollars buying advertising on public radio. What's up with that? Well, as it turns out, the school district is not alone. A reader writes:

I was listening to 89.9 All Classical this morning when they thanked Portland Community College for helping to sponsor the station.

Like OPB, 89.9 is also supported by its generous listeners rather than through running commercials. I just don’t think our kids’ tuition dollars should be spent to keep the station on the air.

For PCC to be doing this really sticks in our craw. That outfit is currently gouging property taxpayers to pay off construction bonds for fancy buildings, reportedly including tons of office space, when it should be investing in distance learning. Nobody's as arrogant as the bureaucrats of Portland -- nobody.

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Distance learning and MOOCs are the future. Won't replace all bricks and mortar, but it is much more efficient for most learning.

The status quo hates any change to a more efficient operation. They will continue to skirt the law, and use taxpayer money for adds to gouge for more taxpayer money, so that they can have more benefits, administration staff, nicer buildings. At the same time raising tuition costs and student loan levels.

The kids get the shaft, again.

TriMet is running WES Works TV ads again.

When I was going to school (both MHCC and OSU), my 'estimated cost of attendance' was always the equivalent of having a maxed out Pell grant + maxed out Stafford loan. In other words, the school fixes their costs on the maximum amount of cash they can extract from federal financial aid programs, not on their actual operations.

Public institutions of any kind running advertising should be illegal.
It is like the USPS running ads or supporting a bicycle racing team!
Wasteful and unnecessary.

This station has long held a connection to Portland schools:



"In January 2003 Portland Public Schools informed the KBPS Foundation they would be selling the FM license, and the Foundation signed an agreement to purchase that license for $5.5 million."

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