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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And now, Sustainable Susan plans your wedding for you

If the Portland City Council wants anybody to take their whining about budget shortfalls seriously, they're going to have to cut out this horse doo. What an embarrassment -- not to mention using city resources to promote private businesses. If that's not illegal, it should be.

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You'd think that, based on the money to be made from facility rental, the city would want MORE big events, not less. However, I keep forgetting that we're talking about Portland, where getting onanistic writeups in the New York Times about the latest hipster wedding trends is much more important than, you know, actually being financially solvent.

It's a refreshing change from salivating over EcoFlats on the BPS Facebook page.

We are a plutocracy in PDX.

You want more chuckles? When you go to the link above, to see just how to manage your awesome wedding, there is a tab right in the top middle of the header "Click here to give us feedback." How wonderful the "City that Sucks" really cares how much you like their new website.

And along that line, a comment from someone even more cynical and understandably angry about this sort of display than Jack is: http://www.regretsy.com/2011/08/02/its-called-poverty-youve-probably-never-heard-of-it/

Is Portland the only city that has one register and have an account before you can access their website? I have never seen this before. Why do they do this? Like everything else, I suppose they want you to think of Portland as exclusive and then make things as difficult as possible. More about weddings when I actually see the website. |-P

We are leaving!
We still own some property in the city but 95% of our time will now be spent in 2 other locations. These other locations may not be much different from Portlandia, but it will take us a while to learn what really goes on and we may even choose to remain ignorant till we leave this mortal coil.

I agree, Jack. If it is not illegal for the city to promote some private businesses (over others), it should be. It will just take one lawsuit (which will be paid out of the taxpayer's pockets) to make the powers that be see the light. Seriously, if any one of these businesses does not fulfill an obligation, the customer need only file suit against that business AND the City of Portland to get someone's attention.

Portland Native, we too are getting ready to get out. We met a friend in downtown Vancouver for a late breakfast mid-week. I don't understand how downtown 'couver can have lots of street parking, no green bike boxes or green painted streets and still survive.

Next Up: The City Council offers some tips on how best to satisfy your new spouse sexually on your wedding night.

Phil: Lynn Peterson hasn't been in WA long enough.

THIS is what I was looking for on the city website. Could not find it through their portal but I did get it with a google search. What a stupid website. Don't they have some PR people who can fix this?

This is What Sustainable Sue should really have been promoting (if she should have her job at all that is). I hear the parks dept. has waiting lines on the first day they take reservations for the favorite spots on weekends. But the parks are still part of the city. For now.


LOL Bill, that would be the featured link to Spartacus. I hear they use recycled materials for some of their products and if they still rent videos, that's recycling, isn't it?

First thought: they can't be serious?
Second thought: but they are
Third thought: eliminate SS and her over-sized staff...suspend them and send them home to their parents
Fourth thought: how can a stop be put to this inane, stupid, pathetic, wasteful, expensive, masturbatory activity? Really!!!

What an embarrassment!

See it for what it is - Too many city employees with too much (taxpayer-paid) time on their hands.

Surprised they didn't throw in a gratuitous gay marriage mention.

This takes the cake!

Other green wedding planning tips

Create a charity registry so guests can give donations in your honor in lieu of gifts.

Would a recommended contribution be to the Parks Bureau?

What next? Suggesting all wear a touch of green in honor of our green city?

Meters put around the parks, so pay while attending the wedding?
How to dress for a wedding if bicycling to a wedding?
If bicycling, won't have to pay meters?

They want registration so they can find you for retribution if you disagree with them.

Portland Native wrote: We are leaving!

Phile wrote: we too are getting ready to get out.

Right on, right on! That's the only thing that really works. You'll thank yourselves for the improved quality (and lower cost) of life.

Jack, you could join us if you like... you don't need them and their zany schemes.

I don't see any mention of choosing a local honeymoon where one can ride their bike or drive their Prius instead of using a gas-guzzling (okay, kerosene-guzzling) Boeing 737 out of PDX...

Imagine if the city were true to its "sustainability" statement and actually advocated for most of PDX to shut down. Sustainability, I guess, has its limits even at City Hall. Then again, the City doesn't like buses for public transit either...it's better to drive than take the bus.

Where can I go?

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