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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Worth 1,000 words

A reader writes:

Here is what happens when a power failure happens along the supplying grid to the great unifier toy train in the iconic super city of Portland, Oregon (7:20 this evening).

I believe the mayor will call for bicycle rickshaws to transport the passed-out guys from the toy train and a focus group to study the effects that lead to affects in Portlanders when the dream becomes a reality. The "MADE IN USA" paint job just completes the the ironic paradox of redundancy. Enjoy it, voters!

And sing along: "Like a bird, on a dead wire...."

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"TriMet spokesperson Roberta Altstadt reported that all MAX lines were experiencing delays due to the outage. Some bus lines were also affected."
How does this affect the buses??

The electric prods that wake up the drivers failed.

+1 = the downward dispositional photo.

+2 = the toilet metaphors.

Are not the prods like cattle prods and battery powered??

Quick! Where are the taggers?! They just need to black out the E in "made"!

"How does this affect the buses??"

Bus service slowed down because the stoplights went dark when the power went out. All traffic was slow in lower downtown Tuesday night, because of it. It was dangerous being a pedestrian trying to cross the street in the dark with no traffic control.

I happened to drive through downtown last night during the power outrage. (My PCC class was cancelled at the CLIMB center on account of darkness.) Most of the pedestrians I saw were protecting themselves with the camouflage of dark clothing.


"Audio recording is a capability that came standard with the new buses," said TriMet spokeswoman Mary Fetsch. "It's not something special we ordered. But we are using it as part of the surveillance system."

"Came standard" ... Sounds like BS to me.

If you check out the Gillig's oh-so-crappy website, the answer is there, but completely indecipherable.

Another accomplishment of Portlunia City Hall is a streetcar system slower than a pedestrian walking from one station to another station more than a mile away. A writer for the Oregonian wrote of his experiment walking from OMSI streetcar station, leaving at the same time as a departing streetcar, and getting to somewhere on Northwest Couch (1.7 miles from the OMSI station) a minute ahead of this same streetcar. So, in his experiment he isn't even including the average 13 minute wait for a streetcar arrival at OMSI station. Portlunia City Hall, especially in the aftermath of delusional Sam Adams and Union boss golden parachute Randy Leonard, is clearly a serious drag on what would otherwise be a good city to live in. I don't see the Portlunia City Hall as having improved much with the new and old mix of Commissioners and Mayor. In fact, Portlunia city hall is just as dependent, if not more, on wrangling more speciously printed monies from the federal government. Maybe I should wish the specious money printing and spending by the federal government on Portlunia City Hall continue, as if it stops the next in line to get squeezed even more for City Hall's pixie dust governance projects is me the local taxpayer stiff.

The power failure could not have happened in a more appropriate part of Portland. Cheers!

Yup, GW, the spy package is free -- when you bundle with the premium undercoating.

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