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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Willamette Weed, cont'd

The weekly newsette's obsession with the wacky tabacky continues unabated. Today we find not one, not two, but three stories about it.

Oh, and they still hate the CRoCk. Don't they know? It's too late to turn back now.

UPDATE, 2:31 p.m.: Actually, there are nine stories about maryjane in the print edition of today's Willy. What will they do to be "alternative" 10 years from now -- heroin?

Comments (18)

Duuuude, we actually have NINE stories about weed in today's issue.

Every life involves a few encounters with historical change.

- I visited East Berlin on a day pass behind the Iron Curtain. The Wall is now gone.

- I saw the Constitution in Washington before we left that behind. To think: 3 branches of government so that one can't have complete say over whether we live or die. It already sounds so quaint.

- And now this: The end of marijuana prohibition. I think of my band playing at the Seattle Hempfest, or our gigs here in Portland at the marijuana club downtown or the one in Salem. It already sounds ancient like being born in the 1900s. A different millennium.

All part of history now. Like freedom and album covers.

Like Jack's creepy obsession with Gov Palin, also his sky is falling obsession with nuclear power, and Bog's I hate cops obsession... Pot kettle black dummy.... One shouldn't throw stones in a glass house, but your sycophants love it though....

... But may one get stoned in a grass house?

Duuuude, we actually have NINE stories about weed in today's issue.

Yeah, it is the "Pot Issue 2013" after all.

If only there was some way you could mellow out a little.

"Edgar" has posted here under several names in recent days. He's a sad little troll who has discovered the word "sycophant." Doesn't know how to use it, but loves to hear himself say it. I'll keep banning whatever IP addresses he comes up with until he goes away.

I think I am a psycophant?

Duuuude, we actually have NINE stories about weed in today's issue.

Swell. I don't read the print edition usually, and the concept of an "issue" doesn't really come across on the internet. Anyway, congratulations on your important work.

Doesn't the giant index stamped at the top of every related article help clarify the concept? We really tried to leave some sort of faint breadcrumb trail by stamping "POT ISSUE 2013" before the first words of all those stories.

Thank you for you congratulations, Jack. How are your upcoming law review articles coming?

Oh wow, is this "pile it on Jack day?"

Why jack you are such a mean poopyhead!

Dang it felt good getting that out.

Meanwhile pot is actually legal here in Wa state and all our newspapers here are good for is rolling those really big blunts.

Martin's a little touchy, I guess. Those mood swings are part of the wonderful weed culture. "It's almost legal!" Egad.

And BTW, Martin old buddy, where in the heck is this "giant index" you're mouthing off to me about?

The list of things to do in Portland is ridiculous a little. It reminds me of John Stewart in Half Baked [yes, that John Stewart] and [yes, that movie, Half Baked] who was putting forth a soliloquy on doing something interesting, "....on weed, man".

Who cares to some degree, not that I don't enjoy the input on the blog. If the government didn't hold a Federal patent on its medical benefits [since 2003] and didn't have a medical growing program operating down in MS since at least the late 1950's, maybe I would agree, but they do exist and its simply another form of social apartheid, isn't it? That admission is all over the public record from Ainslinger to Carter and beyond.

Im a veteran, attaining my master's degree [for my field, not in hope's of...] and smoke. Last had a drink over 1400 days ago, is it any different? I just don't feel like crap in the morning and I acknowledge and am polite to everyone in the morning, godspeed.

But I'm also damn certain that I wouldn't be out on the corner of Pine, smoking out of a gun pipe either, idiots.

Others, like me, can’t cry at a movie or make it through a job interview without taking a few bong hits. But whether you are a weekend warrior or a “medical user” like me, every once in a while it’s nice to smoke until you forget your mother’s maiden name, then hop on a midnight train going anywhere.

I read this and cringe. Does WW really think this mindless, cliche-ridden, adolescent-trying-to-be-a-cool-kid screed is helping advocate for medical use or the responsible legalization of marijuana? Jeebus, do us all a favor, and quit already. What a caricature. Cheech and Chong did this bit a lot better.

Willamette Week (with some notable adventures into good journalism) has become the parent who keeps trying to be hip and cool and just succeeds in embarrassing the kids. The Merc does it so much better. The worst is the pull quote, usually with a naughty word or two, slapped along the edge of the front cover in big letters. Runner up is the infantile Dr. Know . They're just so -- hee, hee -- naughty and edgy!

And although it really doesn't fall into the same category, I'm surprised nobody has called them yet on their on-the-street fashion page straight out of the Sunday NY Times.

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