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Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Kuykendall quit

Those text messages that the assistant Portland police chief had to resign over? In them, he reportedly called Captain Mark Kruger a Nazi.

Gee, and here we thought truth was a defense. Kruger is a documented "history buff" with a keen interest in certain soldiers of the Third Reich. He even erected monuments to them.

Kruger has not liked a book since he read "Mein Kamph."

We've done dumb stuff like what Kuykendall did here. The funnier it is, the more accurate it seems to be, the more trouble you get into for saying it, even if you're trying to help the organization. He's better off getting out of that agency -- it's the House of Schmendrick. But he's also old enough to know better than to write something like that down in a work context. "Not a team player." Sometimes that's a badge of honor, but it has its costs.

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I had a very interesting conversation recently with a high school friend of Mark Kruger who confirmed that, contrary to Kruger's denials, the man has always been a huge proponent of Nazi beliefs and actions. That is to say, a Nazi and not merely a "history buff" as he has claimed.

" But he's also old enough to know better than to write something like that down in a work context."

It was his personal cell phone to her personal cell phone. So how & why did it get out further?

One of those questions that makes the thought plicken.

I would hope the "truth" defense would protect the city from some ginormous libel/slander judgment. How much would you bet on that vs. some ridiculous settlement (and any settlement here would be ridiculous?).

"Mein Kampf"

Revisionist History Buff.

So Kruger was disabled with a back injury when he was hired by PPB for what supposedly is a physically demanding job involving standing, sitting and wearing heavy equipment for extended periods of time?

Note his lawyer is former DOJ wunderkind Sean Riddell. Once again, the same names come up over and over again.

I did think the Captains choice of counsel was interesting

Wait'll the Portlandia writers get ahold of this one: "Captain Luger, Nazi Aficionado!"

Wears a patent leather corset under his body armor.

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