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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Which hotels in Oregon are infested with bedbugs?

Tina Kotek and the gang don't want you to know. Cha ching! Rack up the campaign contributions from the tourism lobby. And from the slumlords workforce housing providers.

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That really sucks. They bite big time.
Pun intended (yet seriously).

When you see such crap as this - politicians protecting business interests instead of that of their constituents', it makes you want to get out the tar and feathers. These bums have taken too much of our time and money - it's time to cut their worthless a**es loose. We need a lot of that in every part of government. Make our dollars count for something.

When news gets out that Oregon keeps that information secret, it isn't going to help the tourist industry much. Who would want to stay somewhere like a convention center hotel when you knew public health records for businesses were now secret?

"Tina Kotek and the gang don't want you to know."

This is the same Tina Kotek that has been having praise after praise heaped on her?

Sounds like the same old Legislature.

Now back to finding that $1B to throw at PERS this term.

If Randy were still here, perhaps we could get him to put on the infected hotel entrance a big red "V" for vantz?

Yes, our "trustworthy" ones down there at Salem.
The question is trustworthy for whom?

I don't imagine our "trustworthy" Multnomah County Health Department is going to say much about it either, now they can claim it has been decided by the legislature that it must be kept secret.

One can only hope that good old fashioned karma will catch up to the legislators who have voted in favor of such nonsense. My representative, who voted for the bill, says on his web page that we needed to re-elect him to protect the public interest and vote against lobbyists and special interests. Right. He's well on his way towards losing my vote next time. I suppose it's better for us to read reports about the presence of bedbugs from some of the non-government web sites or will they be outlawed too?

Hey wait a minute- if restaurants have to post their "check-up" results- why shouldn't hotels? This is disgusting.

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